A wholly-owned National Bank subsidiary since 1987, National Bank Securities deals mainly in mutual funds.


To manage and promote National Bank Mutual Funds.

Products and Services Offered

  • Mutual funds
    • Money Market Funds
    • Short-Term and Income Funds
    • Canadian Equity Funds
    • Global Equity Funds
    • Specialized Funds
    • Index Funds
  • Turnkey Solutions
    • Diversified Funds
    • Strategic Portfolios
    • Managed Portfolios
    • Monthly Income Portfolios

National Bank Securities Advisory Service

A team consisting of National Bank mutual fund specialists offers free information and advice to investors in order to help them build a portfolio that meets their financial objectives.

Contact Information

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To get in touch with us by email:

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To talk to a National Bank Securities Advisory Service representative, dial 514-871-2082 or 1-888-270-3941

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Triangle rougeMailing Address
1100 University street, 9th floor
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 2G7

Contact us by e-mail

(514) 394-5555 (Montreal area) options 5 - 3
or toll free number 1-888-4-TelNat options 5 - 3

For more information on our products and services, contact us by phone.