TelNat Transactions and Functionality

No matter where you are, if you have access to a touch-tone phone TelNat Telephone Banking Solutions allows you to:

  • pay your bills
    • on the same day, and
    • program them to be paid automatically at a later date
  • transfer funds
  • obtain the balances on your accounts, your lines of credit and loans
  • consult a list of past transactions: either the transactions charged to your account during the past 14 days or your last 20 transactions
  • change your confidentiality code.

In addition, even if not you're signed up for TelNat you can still call us to:

  • request a stop payment on a cheque
  • notify us of your change of address
  • have travellers cheques, a bank draft or money order prepared
  • request a trace on a transaction charged to your account
  • obtain foreign exchange rates
  • find banking machine and branch locations as well as business hours
  • order cheques
  • obtain copies of statements (bank account, etc.)
  • sign up for a flat-fee banking package
  • benefit from overdraft protection
  • request income tax slips
  • obtain a copy of a loan statement
  • find out about mortgage and personal loans, as well as Flex Line accounts.


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