MasterCard PayPassMC
What is PayPass?
PayPassMC is a new, faster way of paying for low-value purchases with your National Bank MasterCard card. Simply tap your card on the PayPass reader next to the retailer’s cash register to pay instead of fishing for change, signing a credit card receipt or entering a PIN for transactions of usually less than $50 (the limit is established by the merchant). PayPass is only available on MasterCard credit cards equipped with a chip (smart cards).
How does it work?
Merchants enter the amount of the purchase, which must be less than the limit for PayPass transactions, then activate the PayPass reader closest to the client. After checking the transaction amount displayed, the client taps their card on the PayPass reader and a visual confirmation and sound will indicate that the transaction is completed.
Why is National Bank offering PayPass?
The Bank wants to offer clients the most useful, secure and user-friendly credit card possible. PayPass is a new safe and fast way to pay for small day-to-day purchases using your credit card.
Is PayPass a secure method of payment?
With PayPass, your credit card never leaves your hand during a transaction. The card must be tapped against the reader for a transaction to be processed. Only purchases that are less than the limit established by the merchant can be made using PayPass. Transactions for larger amounts will still require the usual credit card authentication procedures.
With this new technology, will swiping your card or inserting it in a terminal become a thing of the past?
National Bank MasterCard credit cards have a number of technological innovations that offer clients a variety of payment options. If a merchant has a PayPass reader, clients can tap it with their cards to pay for purchases that are less than the limit established by the merchant. Transactions that exceed the merchant’s limit will still require the card to be swiped or inserted into the merchant’s terminal.
What will happen if I tap my card more than once on the reader?
Purchases cannot be double-billed, even if the card taps the reader or brushes against it more than once after the merchant enters the amount on the cash register and activates the PayPass reader.
How close does a card need to be to the PayPass reader for a transaction to be completed?
Cards must be held very close to the terminal or tapped lightly against the reader. A visual confirmation and sound will indicate to the client that the transaction has been completed.
Can National Bank MasterCard cards with PayPass be used on other contactless payment systems?
Yes, under an agreement between MasterCard and Visa, cardholders can use contactless readers from either card issuer.
Because signatures are no longer required, am I liable for purchases made with my card if I lose it?
Much like paying for gas at the pump with your credit card, merchants offering the MasterCard PayPass service do not require a signature for low-value purchases. If your card is lost or stolen, immediately contact National Bank’s Card Services at 1-888-622-2783 or 514-394-1427 in Montreal. Your card will be immediately deactivated and a new one will be mailed to you. MasterCard’s Zero Liability protection covers cardholders against any unauthorized purchases made with their credit card. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Go to for complete information.
Where can PayPass be used?
PayPass is usually available at merchants who need to offer a fast payment option to customers, such as fast food restaurants, service stations, supermarkets and movie theatres. Certain retail chains have already implemented this new payment method such as: Tim Hortons, Petro Canada, Loblaw's, Maxi &Cie, Provigo, Cineplex Odeon, Chapters, Indigo and Second Cup.
When will National Bank begin issuing a PayPass-equipped MasterCard card?
Since spring 2009, the majority of the National Bank MasterCard credit cards issued to our new customers are smart cards equipped with PayPass. As for our actual credit card owners, they will receive a smart credit card when their current card will expire.

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