Proxy Voting Policy

In accordance with current regulations, National Bank Securities Mutual Funds are subject to a policy governing the exercise of voting rights attached to the securities held in their portfolios. This policy sets out guidelines for those matters that may be voted on during a shareholders meeting (election of directors, appointment of auditors, remuneration of officers and directors, changes to shareholder rights, etc.).

Here is the proxy voting record for each National Bank Securities Mutual Fund for the period from July 1st 2012 to June 30th 2013 indicating, among other things, the matters voted on and how the portfolio managers of National Bank Securities Mutual Funds voted on such natters. A copy of this record can be obtained by contacting National Bank Securities Advisory Service at 1-888-270-3941 or 514-871-2082 or by sending an e-mail to In accordance with regulations, subsequent proxy voting records will be made available annually on August 31st.


Vote Summary Reports

Short-Term and Income Funds
326 National Bank Dividend Fund

480 Omega Preferred Equity Fund

Monthly Income Portfolios
874 National Bank Monthly Secure Income Fund

875 National Bank Monthly Conservative Income Fund

876 National Bank Monthly Moderate Income Fund

871 National Bank Monthly Income Fund

872 National Bank Monthly High Income Fund

873 National Bank Monthly Equity Income Fund

Diversified Funds
837 National Bank Balanced Diversified Fund

838 National Bank Growth Diversified Fund

188 Altamira Dividend Fund Inc

Canadian Equity Funds
481 Omega High Dividend Fund

812 National Bank Canadian Equity Fund

885 Omega Canadian Equity Fund

887 Altamira Canadian Equity Growth Fund

859 AltaFund Investment Corp.

866 National Bank Canadian Opportunities Fund
(fund closure since May 28, 2013)

841 National Bank Small Cap Fund

860 Altamira Quebec Growth Fund

Global Equity Funds
867 National Bank Global Equity Fund

882 Omega Global Equity Fund

495 Omega Global Opportunities Fund
(fund closure since May 28, 2013)

490 Omega Consensus American Equity Fund

843 Altamira US Equity Fund

491 Omega Consensus International Equity Fund

193 Altamira European Equity Fund

194 Altamira Asia Pacific Fund

192 Altamira Japanese Opportunity Fund

Specialized Funds
844 Altamira Resource Fund

198 Altamira Energy Fund

857 Altamira Precious and Strategic Metal Fund

879 Altamira Science and Technology Fund

199 Altamira Health Sciences Fund

Index Funds
814 Altamira Canadian Index Fund