Annual, Interim and Quarterly Results | National Bank of Canada


Providing you with comprehensive information on your National Bank Securities Mutual Funds is our priority. That's why our annual, interim and quarterly reports are available for you to consult at any time.

Information found in our reports

Our annual, interim and quarterly reports provide detailed financial information on National Bank Securities Mutual Funds, the securities that make up the portfolios, as well as the financial statements and notes. By providing this detailed data, the documents meet the needs of investors who like to track the performance of their funds more closely.

Financial Statements

  • National Bank Securities Mutual Funds:

Annual Report (2.7 MB, 342 pages)
Interim Report (1.65 MB, 344 pages)

Summary of Investment Portfolio

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Money Market Funds

815 National Bank Money Market Fund

823 National Bank Corporate Cash Management Fund

830 National Bank Treasury Management Fund

817 National Bank U.S. Money Market Fund

Short-Term and Income Funds

800 National Bank Short Term Yield Class

  • 600 Institutional Series





809 National Bank Short Term Canadian Income Fund

816 National Bank Mortgage Fund

429 National Bank Floating Rate Income Fund



840 National Bank Bond Fund

196 Altamira Income Fund

886 Altamira Long Term Bond Fund

326 National Bank Dividend Fund

427 National Bank Global Tactical Bond Fund



822 Altamira Global Bond Fund

849 Altamira Corporate Bond Fund

813 Altamira High Yield Bond Fund

480 Omega Preferred Equity Fund

410 Altamira Preferred Equity Fund

Monthly Income Portfolios

874 National Bank Monthly Secure Income Fund

875 National Bank Monthly Conservative Income Fund

876 National Bank Monthly Moderate Income Fund

871 National Bank Monthly Income Fund

872 National Bank Monthly High Income Fund

873 National Bank Monthly Equity Income Fund

Diversified Funds

834 National Bank Secure Diversified Fund

835 National Bank Conservative Diversified Fund

836 National Bank Moderate Diversified Fund

837 National Bank Balanced Diversified Fund

838 National Bank Growth Diversified Fund

188 Altamira Dividend Fund Inc

807 Altamira Tactical Asset Allocation Fund

Canadian Equity Funds

481 Omega High Dividend Fund

812 National Bank Canadian Equity Fund

885 Omega Canadian Equity Fund

887 Altamira Canadian Equity Growth Fund

859 AltaFund Investment Corp.

841 National Bank Small Cap Fund

860 Altamira Quebec Growth Fund

Global Equity Funds

409 Westwood Global Dividend Fund

408 Westwood Global Equity Fund

867 National Bank Global Equity Fund

882 Omega Global Equity Fund

428 National Bank U.S. Dividend Fund



490 Omega Consensus American Equity Fund

843 Altamira US Equity Fund

491 Omega Consensus International Equity Fund

193 Altamira European Equity Fund

194 Altamira Asia Pacific Fund

192 Altamira Japanese Opportunity Fund

869 Westwood Emerging Markets Fund

889 Altamira Global Small Company Fund

Specialized Funds

844 Altamira Resource Fund

198 Altamira Energy Fund

857 Altamira Precious and Strategic Metal Fund

879 Altamira Science and Technology Fund

199 Altamira Health Sciences Fund

Index Funds

814 Altamira Canadian Index Fund

846 Altamira American Index Fund

856 Altamira U.S. Currency Neutral Index Fund

839 Altamira International Index Fund

877 Altamira International Currency Neutral Index Fund