National Bank MasterCard helps you manage your expenses more effectively through its automated bill payment service. This service provides you with several advantages:

  • it gives you better control over your payments
  • it gives you more flexibility with your budget
  • it saves you time
  • it lets you manage efficiently.

With the automated bill payment service, you determine how much you will pay and when. Your payments will always be made on time, neither early nor late, which will save you money in penalties and interest. It will also ensure that your company's credit rating is maintained.

The automated bill payment service lets you spread out your monthly MasterCard payments, giving you greater flexibility to cover unexpected expenses and more room to adjust your company's budget.

As the saying goes, "time is money". With the automated bill payment service, one transaction is all it takes to pay all your recurring bills (e.g.: telephone, electricity, insurance).

The automated bill payment service makes it easy for you to reconcile your expenses: a single monthly document confirms all the payments you've made.

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