Plan and carry out your business transfer

No matter what sector your company is in, agricultural, manufacturing or other, you can count on our team of business transfers specialists. You'll benefit from the support and advice needed to ensure the long-term success of your company.

A winning approach with five clearly defined steps

  1. Determine your objectives
  2. Choose your successor
  3. Evaluate your business
  4. Develop a succession plan
  5. Transfer ownership

Achieving a smooth transfer of ownership for your company

You’ve devoted much time and energy to ensuring your company’s success. When new business or personal opportunities arise, it’s natural for you to think about handing over the reins to someone who’s able to continue building on youraccomplishments.

At National Bank’s Commercial Banking Department, we know:

  • the transfer of power and the related responsibilities is an intricate and sometimes delicate process in which human relations can loom large;
  • there are many advantages to properly planning the transfer of your company, and the entrepreneurs who have succeeded in doing so devoted an average of three to five years to the process;
  • each company is unique and there are as many business transfer scenarios as there are company heads.

This is why we've set up a team of business transfer managers dedicated to serving you. Whether you plan to hand over management of your company to a family member, to employees or to an outside party, our specialized team will provide you with all the support and advice you need to ensure its success.

Let us assist you at every stage of the process

Our transfer managers’ mission is to advise and support you in a business transfer situation, from the time you begin contemplating the possibility until you the moment you finish transferring ownership. To fulfill their mission, our professionals are prepared to bring in the specialists that may be needed in the process:

  • human resources, management and strategic-planning consultants
  • business valuator
  • accountant and tax expert
  • lawyer and notary
  • banker.

These professionals can be recommended by National Bank, they may in fact already be advising you. In either case, their activities can be coordinated by our transfer managers. Focused on helping you set up a structured process that takes into account the human as well as the financial, legal and taxation aspects of the business transfer, our transfer managers will help you develop and implement your succession plan every step of the way.

First step...

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Allow us to introduce you to one of our transfer managers.

You are unique. Your company is unique. That’s why we firmly believe you deserve our personalized and professional approach.

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