Payment and Card Solutions

Platinum Business saves you money

Partnership works to your advantage! Platinum Business cardholders benefit from discounts and special offers with our select partners*. These discounts can add up to several hundred dollars per year. Saving money has never been so easy!

Save up to 2.5% at Ultramar!

Get an automatic rebate applied to your monthly account statement when you pay for Ultramar products and services with your Platinum Business card. The rebate varies according to how much you spend.

Monthly rebates available for purchases at Ultramar

Purchase value


$0 to $40


$41 to $80


$81 and over


You'll earn an additional rebate of 0.5% applied to your account statement if your annual purchase volume at Ultramar exceeds $2,000!

How to take advantage of the Ultramar savings offer

The rebate is automatically applied to your monthly account statement.


Easy Saving

The MasterCard Easy Savings Program lets you enjoy automatic rebates on eligible purchases made at participating merchants.

To view the list of participating merchants to this program, visit

Reliable, essential coverage options

Enjoy peace of mind

MasterCard gives you access to a personal insurance program offered by Blue Cross, available to employers, their employees and their families. You can personalize your program by choosing the coverage that corresponds to your needs from these three groups:

  • Accident and illness coverage, including but not limited to:
    • Hospitalization and diagnostic services
    • Disability insurance
  • Additional medical coverage:
    • Dental care, prescription medication, paramedical care
    • Critical illness assistance
  • Annual travel coverage: up to 20% discount on Québec Blue Cross Travel Insurance®

How to take advantage of the personal insurance program offered by Blue Cross

  1. For more information on this offer, call 1-866-444-7737 or 514 286-7737
  2. Premiums for the insurance program must be charged to the Platinum Business card.