Added security and the world at your fingertips!

National Bank's Client Card allows you to—at any time—access a variety of banking services as well as your accounts through our Electronic Banking Solutions.

Internet Banking Solutions1
Mobile Banking Solutions2
Telephone Banking Solutions
A vast network of Automated Banking Machines
A convenient direct payment method with merchants
Self-service printers

The smart Client Card is very secure and user-friendly, and provides access to convenient features that are easy to use.

The microchip technology provides greater protection against fraud and counterfeiting. Refer to the FAQ section for more information on the smart Client Card.
Client Card limit management
More protection for your transactions by personalizing your limits for banking machine withdrawals and purchases with merchants within Canada and abroad.
The Maestro network®1 is now available for purchases at participating merchants world-wide.
You can now modify your PIN on ABMS that are on THE EXCHANGE®2 Network.

Magnetic stripe Client Cards will remain a legitimate payment method and will still be accepted where microchip technology is not yet available, whether in Canada or abroad.

1 Certain browser versions are required in order to access National Bank's Internet Banking Solutions. Please refer to
2 Certain mobile devices and operating systems versions are required in order to access National Bank's Mobile Banking Solutions. Please refer to
®1 Maestro is a registered trademark of MasterCard International inc.
®2 THE EXCHANGE is a registered trademark of Fiserv Inc.

Smart Client Card
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