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No one wants to deal with the hassle associated with online fraud. If, however, such a situation does occur, National Bank puts a set of tools and a team of fraud prevention and security experts at your disposal to guide you and help you quickly resume your normal banking activities.

Steps to take if you think you have been the victim of online fraud

Contact our security center

Immediately contact TelNat Customer Service (open 6 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week.) 514 394-5555
1 888 483-5628
If you receive a scam e-mail, do not click on any hyperlinks. Forward it to us by e-mail at and to
514 394-5555
1 888 483-5628

Report the fraud to the following other parties as well:

Credit bureaus Equifax
Law enforcement authorities Sûreté du Québec
Any other financial institutions or credit card issuers you do business with
Government authorities (if you have been the victim of identity theft involving information such as your social insurance number, driver’s licence, etc.) such as

Visit your branch in order to:

obtain a new Client Card
sign the forms needed to initiate the investigation process and obtain a reimbursement for any funds lost

Before resuming your normal activities on Internet Banking Solutions:

Install or update security software on your computer
Clean up the computer or computers you use
Download all updates required for your operating system
Learn about good practices for safely doing business online

Next, log in to Internet Banking Solutions (as a security measure, this operation cannot be carried out via Mobile Banking Solutions):

Have your new Client Card on hand
Click on my card has been changed on the login page
Complete the form and follow the steps on screen
When you once again have access to your banking records:
If applicable, be sure to change any post-dated payments that you saved before the fraud incident, as they will have been interrupted when your Client Card was cancelled.