Everyone's different. And when it comes to financial advice there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. So to guide you through each stage of life, National Bank Financial Group will take the time to listen to your hopes, your dreams and plans for the future. Read the examples below to see how we can help you reach your full financial potential1.

The Sandwich Generation

With their kids still in school and the responsibility of caring for aging parents on their shoulders, Mark and Rebecca have very little time to think about the future. However, retirement is on the horizon and they know they'll need advice and solutions tailored to their situation.


Mortgage-Free and Kid-Free

When the last of their children left home, Suzanne and Andrew knew that they could finally devote a bit more time to their own projects. Thanks to their discipline, they were able to pay off the mortgage on their house. Now, they wonder whether this investment will be enough for a comfortable retirement.


An Independent Manager

Sylvia is a woman who likes to be in charge of every aspect of her life. For years she's invested in real estate and managed her portfolio by herself. In spite of her financial skills, she still wants to know if her retirement plan is on track.


No Worries and No Attachments

Fouad is the kind of guy who lives for the moment. However, between his hobbies and his job, there's very little time left to plan for retirement. Will the money he's accumulated be enough to carry him through all the projects he's planned over the next thirty years?


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