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Age-Based Programs

National Bank offers five banking programs that have been tailored to the needs of specific age groups.

Age The ideal solution is:



 First Step®4, ages 0-6
CoolCash®4, ages 7-12
i.d., ages 13-17

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Full-time post-secondary students
between 18 and 24


A 50% discount on monthly flat-fee is offered

to holders of an OVATION Gold®4 MasterCard.

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60 and over

 No monthly flat-fee for holders of an OVATION Gold®4 MasterCard.

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Take advantage of a $5.00 discount on the

following packages:
AccesPlus and Virtuoso®4
$12.25/month - $22.95/month
$7.25/month - $17.95/month

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 ®4 First Step, CoolCash, ClickStudent, OVATION Gold and Virtuoso are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.