Automated Banking Machines


National Bank ABMs

National Bank ABMs are open 24/7 and allow you to carry out the following transactions at more than 900 service points in Canada.

  • Do your day-to-day transactions (withdrawals, deposits, transfers and bill payments).
  • Get a statement of your most recent transactions and find out your balance.
  • Change your Personal Indentification Number (PIN).
  • Get a cash advance through your National Bank MasterCard.


In addition to National Bank ABMs, you also have access to ABMs that are part of THE EXCHANGE®2 network with no network service fees. THE EXCHANGE®2 network represents nearly 2,400 ABMs3 in Canada.

When travelling in the United States you also have access to more than 265,000 ABMs (a fee for using these automated banking machines may be charged directly to your account).

New! Even more features with THE EXCHANGE®2 network.

You can now modify your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in most chip-enabled banking machines within THE EXCHANGE®2 network, and take advantage of the many other options already available: withdrawals, deposits, transfers between accounts, and balance information!


Other ABMs available

No National Bank ABM or The EXCHANGE®2 ABM close by?
Even when you do not have access to a National Bank banking machine, you can still withdraw funds from a machine belonging to the following networks2 :

  • Interac®3 (more than 58,000 ABMs in Canada)
  • CIRRUS®5 (more than one million banking machine world-wide).


Cash advances on your MasterCard

If your National Bank MasterCard card is equipped with a PIN (Personal Identification Number), you can obtain a cash advance from National Bank, Interac®3 or CIRRUS ®5 banking machines anywhere in the world.


Security tips for using banking machines

  • Only use a banking machine if the environment feels safe.
  • Prevent people from seeing your PIN. Don't worry about appearing too prudent.
  • Before leaving the premises, take your card and your transaction record.
  • Count the money received and put it away immediately.
  • To consult our agreement governing the issue of cards and the use of automated banking services, please click here.


Rule for using banking machines

Because deposits have to be checked, funds may be held back for up to six business days.

Only bills that are payable at our branches are accepted at our banking machines. To consult the list of accepted billers click here.

If the account being debited has overdraft protection, this protection will apply to all transactions carried out at our banking machines.



®2 THE EXCHANGE is a registered trademark of Fiserv Inc.
®3 Interac is a registered trademark of Interac Inc.
®4 NYCE is a registered trademark of NYCE Corporation.
®5 Trademark of CIRRUS SYSTEM Inc.
2 Using Interac®3 and Cirrus®5 automated banking machines may give rise to fees that are charged directly to your account. For complete details, please read our Guide to Personal Banking Solutions, which is available in-branch.
3 Data as of September 30, 2010. Source: .
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