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With National Bank's four banking packages, you get more transactions and lower costs.

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Just a few transactions.

per-use fee.

Chequing account
with no package

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A low-cost package with a limited number of transactions.

$3.95 per month for
12 transactions
(10 electronic1 plus two teller-assisted withdrawals/transfers/bill payments)

Chequing account
with the
Accessible package

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Moderate use of our electronic solutions.

$6.25 per month
for up to 20 electronic transactions1

Chequing account
with the
Direct Access2 package

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Unlimited use of our electronic solutions. 

$12.25 per month for unlimited electronic transactions1

Chequing account
with the
AccessPlus package

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Unlimited Internet, telephone and in-branch transactions.

$22.95 per month for an
unlimited number of
electronic1 and teller-assisted

Chequing account
with the
Virtuoso®4, 3 package

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1Electronic transactions include Internet Banking Solutions, Telephone Banking Solutions (TelNat), Automated Banking Machines and Interac Direct Payments, Interac®1 and CIRRUS®3 banking machine networks. User fees are extra. No charge for THE EXCHANGE®5 banking machine network. Additional in-branch and electronic transactions are charged at the regular rate.
2 Monthly fee is waived if minimum monthly balance of $2,500 is maintained.
3 Monthly fee is waived if minimum monthly balance of $5,000 is maintained.
®1 Registered trademark of Interac Inc.
®3 Registered trademark of CIRRUS SYSTEMS Inc.
®4 Virtuoso is a trademark of National Bank.
®5 Registered trademark of Fiserv Inc.