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mainDroite If the RRSP loan interests you, indicate the desired amount in the appropriate field. Please note that a financial services manager will contact you in order to validate your loan conditions (rate, term, insurance, etc.).

Contribution deadline

Requesting an RRSP loan does not delay the processing of your RRSP contribution. As such, any request received prior to February 29, 2016 11:59 p.m. (Eastern standard time) will be considered as a contribution for the previous fiscal year.

RRSP loan conditions

  • Minimum $ 1,000;
  • Can be invested in any of our RRSP products;
  • Get fast loan approval (in most cases);
  • Make additional payments or pay off the loan in full without penalty;
  • Repay your loan through automatic debits;
  • You can add life insurance or life and disability insurance.
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