MasterCard Business
(in 10 to 20 minutes in total security.)
Eligibility criteria:
  • The company must be a Canadian entity
  • To be a Canadian resident
  • To be the owner of the company or the authorized signatory
  • To be of legal age in your province of residence
Required information:
  • Company Information (i.e.: Revenue, number of employees, address)
  • Authorized signatories information (i.e. name, address, personal assets and debts)
  • Name and contact information of additional cardholders (if any)
After submitting your application form:
  • Confirmation sent by e-mail.
  • Processing of the application : 7 business days approximately.
  • Decision sent by regular mail.
(in 10 to 20 minutes in total security.)
You can also visit one of our branches.
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MasterCard Business Card

Opt for a simple, efficient and attractive payment solution with no annual fee.
  • The option of having additional cards issued on the account for free.
  • 24-hour access to your commercial accounts and Internet Banking Solutions inc.
  • The possibility of obtaining a reduced interest rate.

IMPORTANT:Note on the display of confidential information of the authorized signatories and additional cardholder(s).
Legal notices, Confidentiality policies, ABC's of security.