More information on the online account statement

Fees and subscribing

  • NO additional fees for subscribing or for viewing your account statement online subsequently.


  • View your account statements at any time during your banking session.
  • Avoid delays: view your account statements as soon as they are available; an email notice will inform you when they are ready.
  • Reduce paperwork and help protect the environment.
  • Benefit from archives containing up to 30 months of information.
  • Download your account statements to your computer.


  • Benefit from our secure archives. All your account statements will be archived for a period up to 30 months.
  • Your statements are archived without any action on your part. You can access your account statements simply and effectively via the Website.
  • If you want to archive account statements for more than 30 months, you can download them to your computer at any time.

Downloading and printing account statements

  • With Adobe, a free software, you can download and print your account statements and build your own archives on your computer or obtain paper versions at any time.

List of non-eligible banking accounts and products

  • Not all banking accounts and products are available online. For more information, view the list.


  • If this service does not meet all your needs, you can unsubscribe online via the Profile tab on your banking session.

Software requirements


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