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Welcome Offer for Businesses1, 2

Sign up for one of our business packages and enjoy simple, convenient banking. Benefit from free services and discounts on a number of banking transactions.

Save big with our Welcome Offer*

Turn your business expenses into rewards!

By signing up for the Platinum Mastercard Business Card® 3, 4, you'll benefit from a great rewards program.

  • No annual fee for the first year
  • Up to 2.5% cashback on gas purchases at Ultramar® 5, 6
  • 0% annual interest rate applicable on purchases, cash advances and balance transfers for the first 6 billing periods

Our Platinum Mastercard Business Card


Payment methods adapted to your clients

With Global Payments’7 payment solutions, give your customers the flexibility they want to use their preferred form of payment, wherever they are. 

  • Benefit from a discount of at least $100 on account set-up fees AND $200 on the purchase of a terminal or three months free of charge on the rental of a terminal.

Global Payments solutions

employees payroll

Outsource your payroll

Managing payroll has never been easier thanks to Nethris®, 8 payroll solutions.

  • No fee to activate your file or create employee profiles
  • The 13th month of payroll processing is free

Our Nethris payroll solutions

Optimize your accounting

Sage OneTM accounting software makes managing a small business easier.

Our Sage One software access

Guidance and support

Come meet with one of our business advisors—they'll use the Business Solution Builder to assess your needs and find the banking products that are right for you. It's free, fast, effective and made-to-measure!


Set up a meeting

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Spend less time at the branch!

Apply for a business account online.

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Looking for a way to test your business model?

Fill out our My Business Model canvas

Expert advisor


Benefit from the guidance and advice of a professional who fully grasps your industry's challenges.

Meet our specialists in your range of industry

Legal notes

* Eligibility criteria

To benefit from the discounts and free services offered on that page, you must:

    • Open a business account and sign up for an eligible business package9

    • Sign up for Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses10 and a Business Client Card (without fees when you sign up for a business package11)

    • Sign up for at least one eligible product or service within six months of opening a business account

MDRegistered trademark of Mastercard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank of Canada.

MDRegistered trademark of Valero Energy Inc.

MDNethris is a registered trademark of CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc.

MCSage™, Sage Software logos and the names of Sage products and services are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sage Software, Inc. or its subsidiaries.

1The Welcome Offer is only for business clients who are not already National Bank clients. The benefits and discounts offered as part of this promotion cannot be transferred or combined with any other National Bank financial package, promotional offer or benefit, and are not retroactive. This offer may be withdrawn in whole or in part at any time without notice.

2The benefits begin upon enrolment for one or more products included in the Welcome Offer. After the exemption period ends, the fees in effect will apply. *The $545 in savings reflects the following: No annual fee for the primary Platinum Mastercard Business Card for the first year ($125), no activation fees, fees for creating employee profiles ($70) or payroll processing fees ($50) for the 13th month, discount on sign-up fees (minimum $100) and discount on a terminal purchase ($200) or rental ($55 cashback on the first three months of rental fees). Savings may be less if you do not sign up for all the products listed above. For more information on fees, see the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses.

3Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. One year after the card is issued, the regular annual fee in effect will automatically be charged to the account. Grace period: No interest will be charged on purchases made during the month if the balance is paid in full within twenty-one (21) days of the date of the statement. This grace period does not apply to cash advances or balance transfers. Minimum Payment: Your minimum payment will correspond to 3% of your account balance plus any amount already due or $50, whichever amount is higher. If your account balance is lower than $50, you must pay the entire balance. If you exceed your credit limit, the amount of the minimum payment will be the highest of the following amounts: (a) 3% of the account balance or (b) the amount of the overlimit. Regular yearly fee for primary card: $125 Regular yearly fee for each additional card: $35 An account statement is sent monthly.

Example of credit charges over a 30-day period:

4Subsequently, any transferred balances and cash advances will be subjected to the regular annual interest rate in effect, i.e. 22.99% on cash advances and balance transfers effective July 12, 2016.

5Please note that the combined total of the three cashbacks cannot exceed $250 per year.

6All purchases charged to your Ultramar Mastercard are taken into account in determining your discount percentage, excluding purchases made at Ultramar service stations or Ultramar Home Heating.

7This discount is valid for a limited time only. It is exclusively available to business clients who have signed up for the Welcome Offer and have been referred to Global Payments by National Bank. All applications are subject to credit approval from Global Payments. Businesses which are existing clients of Global Payments and/or process payments for less than 6 months during the year are not eligible for this offer. Discounts will be applied to the company's account only once during the term of the agreement between the company and Global Payments. Discounts will be applied to the company's account within 6 to 8 weeks of the effective date of the account.

8CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc. is the sole provider of payroll processing solutions and services marketed under the Nethris brand, for which National Bank of Canada acts only as distributor. Nethris is a registered trademark of CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc.

9Eligible business packages are Business Package 20, 35, 50, 75 and 100. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. All business packages come with a single Business Client Card. Additional cards will be billed at the rate in effect in the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses.

10Certain browser versions are needed to access our Internet Banking Solutions. For more information, click here.

11Monthly enrolment in Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses is free with a business package. Companies with only one access point to view the accounts of several entities are not eligible for this promotion. Certain conditions and restrictions apply.