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Welcome to National Bank's Help Centre for Businesses, where you can access a wide range of tools and resources to help you get the most out of our online banking services for businesses.


Most popular topics

Ordering cheques

  • To order cheques, click the “Order cheques” under “Other services” at the left of the menu or “Administrator options” at the top-right.
  • Complete the form with the following information: name of company, contact person, number of account for which cheques are being ordered, start number of series.
  • Confirm if you want the company address printed on the cheques and select the language, number of signature lines and quantity of cheques you want.
  • Click “Next”. A confirmation request will be displayed.
  • You will receive your cheques in 7-10 business days.
  • You must have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cheque order fee.

Intercurrency transfers

Please note that foreign currency transfers must be made from or to an account in CAD or USD.


Transfers allowed

All funds transfers will be recorded as of the next business day’s date.

  • For current accounts: After 9 p.m. (EST) on business days and holidays.
  • For international accounts: After 7 p.m. (EST) on business days and holidays.
  • Funds transfers between accounts in different currencies can be carried out Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST). This does not apply when using FX contracts.

Wire transfers

To carry out a wire transfer (transfer funds to beneficiaries in Canada or abroad), follow the steps below:


1. Wire transfer information

Ordering client

Enter your name and address in the appropriate fields.

Wire transfer information

  • Select the processing date and account to be debited (“From account:” enter the account from which funds will be withdrawn)
  • Select the beneficiary and the amount to be transferred. 

N.B.: Accounts under transit 0593-1 cannot be debited.

Reason for the wire transfer

Enter the reason for the wire transfer. This information may be mandatory, depending on the destination of the wire transfer.

Wire transfer fee

Indicate who will pay the wire transfer fee.


2. Beneficiary information

Bank of beneficiary

Identification of beneficiary

Intermediary (optional)

Enter the information in the appropriate fields to proceed to the next step.

N.B.: You can save the beneficiary’s information using the save feature.


3. Exchange rate

For clients who have signed up for the “Foreign Exchange” option

  • Please choose the exchange rate you want to use for your wire transfer by either selecting an existing FX contract or requesting a spot exchange rate.
  • Any expired FX contracts will be displayed in the list; contact Customer Service to renew the contract. If the Bank must cancel the transaction, you will be required to reimburse any fees incurred as a result.

N.B.: This step only applies to clients who have signed up for the “Foreign Exchange” option. Clients who have not signed up for this option will obtain an exchange rate during the last step (final signature).


4. Verification and confirmation

Please verify the information and confirm by signing the wire transfer.

N.B.: If this is not the final signature, you will be notified that another signature is required to process the wire transfer.

When the transaction is carried out, our banking systems will consider the available balance and apply overdraft protection if necessary


Wire transfers cannot be made to beneficiaries who are pending signature.

Transaction deadline

The deadline for signing a wire transfer in any currency is 4 p.m. (EST).


Locking in an exchange rate

To lock in an exchange rate, follow the steps below:

  • Select the type of transaction (spot, open future, closed future).
    • For closed futures only, enter the value date.
    • For open futures only, enter the option date and the value date.
  • Select the currency you want to purchase.
  • Select the currency you want to sell.
  • Enter the amount of the transaction in the currency of your choice.
  • You can enter additional information under “Details”.


Unless otherwise indicated, transactions will be settled in accordance with the standard payment instructions in our files. Any special instructions must be received the business day before settlement of the transaction.

Transaction deadline

FX transactions can be carried out on business days (Monday to Friday), from 8 a.m. to 5 pm (EST).

Log in

Password and user code

This information is provided when you sign up for online banking.

Password and user code suspended

For security reasons, if you enter the incorrect user code or password five times, your account will be suspended.

If you’re a user with a suspended user code, please contact your administrator. They will generate a temporary password by clicking on “Administrator options” and then on “Manage users”.

If you’re an administrator, please contact National Bank Business Central® at 1‑844‑394‑4494 Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST) to reactivate your user code.

Forgotten password

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can try entering it five times before you’re locked out of your account for security reasons. To avoid this, instead please click the “Forgotten password?” link and follow the instructions.

Forgotten user code

If you’ve forgotten your user code, please contact your Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses administrator.

If you’re an administrator, please contact National Bank Business Central® at 1‑844‑394‑4494.

Adding an account via Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses

To add an account to the company profile, a signatory of the service agreement must submit a request by clicking on “Administrator options – Manage accounts” and other billers.

Two‑step authentication

It’s an added layer of security that’s required when you connect to your Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses if:

  • You connect with an unrecognized device (computer or mobile device other than the one you usually work on)
  • You connect for the first time after making changes to your profile


In addition to your password, you will need to enter a one-time verification code that will be sent by email or text message according to your preferences.


If you need help, follow the procedure below:

1. Sign in our Internet Banking Solution for Businesses platform.

2. Enter your user code and password and click on “Continue”.

3. On the next screen, you may be required to answer one of your personal identification questions.

4. Once you answer the question, you’ll be asked if you want this workstation to be added to your list of recognized devices. After you respond, click on “Continue”.

5. You will next be asked to retrieve your six-digit verification code, sent either by text message or email.

6. Enter the verification code into the proper field in Step 2.

7. Click on “Confirm” to sign in.


Once connected, you will be able to explore our banking services and manage your finances all at your own leisure.


Some clarifications

Verification code or password?

Your password is what you use every time you connect to our Internet Banking Solution for Businesses platform. The verification code is a one-time use code that you need only when connecting from an unrecognized workstation.

Why do I get a message telling me access to my account has been blocked?

If you see this message on your screen, it’s because you’ve made more than five failed attempts to access your account. Access was blocked for security reasons. Your administrator will have to generate a new verification code for you through the “Administrator options”. Your password can remain the same.

User verification code

You must have administrator rights and sign in to online banking.

Go to the “Administrator Options” page and select “Manage users”.

The “Generate a verification code” function appears next to the name of each user.

View your accounts

See the transaction history for transaction details and the balance of each account.

Accessing the account – Compatibility with Internet Explorer

If you experience a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer, preventing you from viewing your accounts or billers, change the compatibility settings in your browser as follows:

  1. In Internet Explorer, click “Tools”.
  2. Click “Compatibility View settings”.

Untick the two boxes in the “Compatibility View” settings window.


View eStatements with cheque images online

Bank statements and cheque images are available online through Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses for all your business current accounts in CAD and/or USD and for your Business Investment Accounts in CAD.


You must be an administrator and sign into online banking.

Click the “Manage documents” tab on the “Account summary page”.

Manage documents

Click to enlarge


Choose Online as the delivery method for your accounts, read and accept the terms, then hit “Confirm”.

En ligne

Click to enlarge


Your delivery preferences will be saved, and you and your users will be able to view and download eStatements.

Printing, downloading and tracing

1. Software and updates required to view your documents online
  • Adobe Reader (version 5 or later) must be installed on your workstation. You can download this software for free from the Adobe website.
  • If you use Internet Explorer 11 to view the hyperlinks in the account statements you will need to click on Tools – Compatibility View Settings. Untick “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” and “Use Microsoft compatibility lists.” Click on “Close”. Clickable dates will now be displayed (in blue), allowing you to view your account statement.
2. Availability of documents

You will not receive notification that new bank and cheque image statements are available. The documents will automatically become available online.


3. Printing and saving
  • You can download several PDF files at once. There is no limit to the number of documents you can download at the same time.
  • You can set an alert that will inform you once your request has been processed and your documents are ready.
  • You can print out a specific section of your transaction history. Simply use the search function to target a date range, type of transaction or amount, then print the results.
4. Tracing a cheque
  • Always specify the date on which the cheque was cashed in the requested date range.
  • Having trouble accessing a cheque image?
  • Cheques processed manually and certified cheques are not cleared by the Bank's automated systems, so no images of such items exist. The image hyperlink is therefore not enabled.
  • Images of cheques debited from your bank account will not be available if the cheque was too thick, folded, torn, crumpled or too dark (illegible), or if the cheque cleared before February 1, 2011.

To request images of such cheques, contact your branch.1


5. The cheque image is considered an official image.

A cheque image is created by the Bank in accordance with Payments Canada regulations for payment clearing and settlement. It can be handled and used in the same way as the original cheque.

A scanned cheque image has the same official legal status as the original cheque.

View eStatements with cheque images

Your account and cheque image statements will be securely stored for up to seven years.

  • To view your documents, click on the appropriate “Account Date(s)” and save to your personal files.
Account Dates

Click to enlarge


  • To download several statements at once, tick the box in the “Download” column, then click “Submit” to send your request. Allow time for processing, depending on the number of statements downloaded.

Click to enlarge


  • Once your download request is processed, you will be able to retrieve your statement(s) in a .zip file.
  • Simply click on “Retrieve” once the “Status” of your document is listed as “Available”. You will have up to 5 business days to download the requested documents.

Receiving documents by mail and associated fees

You can continue to receive your documents by mail; however, a fee will be charged for each statement. To learn more about the applicable fees, please consult the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses.

Granting access rights to other users

   1. If the user you want to grant access rights to already has access to a bank account and cheque images, they will automatically be granted access to eStatements with cheque images for that account.

    2. For eStatements: If you are the IBS-B administrator for your business, simply select “Administrator options”, then “Add user”.

    3. For cheque images: Simply assign cheque image read rights under “Other Services”.


    1. All account and cheque image statements for your current accounts and Business Investment Accounts will remain available online for seven years.

    2. The archive will be built over time and includes all account and cheque image statements issued as of April 15, 2016.

Use Remote Deposit Capture

With our Digital Deposits option you can easily deposit your CAD cheques* anytime, anywhere. For more information see our Digital Deposits guide.

*Only cheques drawn on a Canadian financial institution are eligible for this service.

Ordering a scanner

Purchase a cheque scanner2 from Paystation, our recommended supplier.

Paystation also provides technical support and training on how to install and use the scanner.

Purchase a cheque scanner

Tutorials: How to install your scanner

Tutorials: How to clean your scanner

Depositing a cheque electronically

Steps to depositing a cheque electronically

  1. Click on the “Digital Deposits” option in the left-hand menu.
  2. The first time you use your scanner, you will need to download and install the driver. The link is available on the “Digital Deposits” homepage.
  3. Click on “Create New Deposit”.
  4. Complete all the mandatory fields (*).
  5. Prepare your cheques by removing any staples or paperclips and making sure that the corners are not folded, which can cause scanning problems.
  6. Organize the deposit items and ensure the edges are lined up and facing the same way. Sort them by size to prevent any errors.
  7. Place the cheques in the scanner and align them with the mark on the scanner. The indicator light will turn orange.
  8. Click on “Start Capture” and the cheques will be fed into the scanner automatically.
  9. Original copies of deposited items must be filed in a secure location for 15 days following the deposit date, and then destroyed.


Deposited items must be issued in Canadian or US dollars and drawn on a Canadian or American financial institution. Only the following original items can be deposited with the service:

  • Cheques
  • Certified cheques (non-perforated)
  • Bank drafts and money orders
  • Traveller’s cheques (except those issued by Thomas Cook)


Important information

  • For “Type of deposit”, always select “Simple”.
  • The “Clearing channel” should always be “Image”. You can leave the “Number of items” field blank, as the system will calculate the number of items for you, OR you can enter the number of items yourself. However, you must always add +1 to the number of items in order to count the virtual credit created by the system (e.g. If you have 2 cheques, enter “3” in the field).
  • Enter the total amount for all the items in your deposit in the “Declared amount ($)” field.

Deposit date

  • Cheque images received before 9 p.m. (EST) on a business day will be deposited on the same day.
  • Cheque images received on a Saturday or Sunday, on a statutory holiday or after 9 p.m. (EST) on a business day will be credited to your account on the next business day.

Availability of funds

Your account will be credited immediately on the day we receive your deposit according to the above schedule. However, we may place a hold on the funds deposited to your account. The terms and conditions of access to funds are set out in our Access to Funds Policy and apply to remote deposits.


Please note that you do not need to endorse the items you deposit remotely as the system will do so automatically (“virtual endorsement”).

Assigning deposit rights to a trusted employee

1- Click on the “Deposits” tab.


#visual 1#

2- Select the location for which you would like to assign the deposit rights. 

#visuel 2#


    3- Click on “Modify” for the deposit you wish to assign. This will bring up the Deposit item list page, displaying deposit details and a complete list of the items included in the deposit.

    4- Click on “Assign deposit”.

    5- From the “Assign new user” menu, select the user you wish to assign the deposit rights to.

    6- Click “Save” to save the change.

Managing user roles and rights

The Digital Deposits service allows you to assign different roles to users, each with a set of user rights. Roles are assigned via the user profile.

  • A role is defined as a set of rights that allow the person to carry out one or more specific tasks.
  • One or more roles can be assigned based on the tasks that need to be completed.

See below for a list of the user rights corresponding to each role.



After assigning roles to a user, select Digital Deposits from the left-hand menu and assign locations for which the user has the right to make deposits. The user will then be able to use the Digital Deposits feature.

Pay billers

You can add, modify or delete a supplier in just a few steps in order to make payments to them online.

Add a public biller

To add a public biller, the administrator or authorized user of Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses should complete the following steps:

    1. Log into Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses.

    2. Click on “Manage Billers/Beneficiaries”, at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Visuel 2


    3. Click on “Add a Biller/Beneficiary” at the top of the page, then select “Biller”.

Visuel 3


    4. Enter the name of the biller in the “Search by name” field, then click “Search”.

Visuel 4


    5. In the search results, click “Add” then enter your identification number. Please pay close attention to the instructions provided concerning the identification number.

Visuel 5


    6. Once you have entered your identification number, click “Next” and then “Confirm”.

You will then be able to make payments to this biller.

Adding, modifying or deleting a biller

To add, modify or delete a biller that is not included in National Bank's list of billers (other billers), the administrator or authorized user must proceed as follows:

    1. Log into Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses.

    2. Click on “Manage Billers/Beneficiaries”, at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

    3. Click on “Add a Biller/Beneficiary” at the top of the page.



    4. Click “Other billers”.

        Complete the form with the banking information on the specimen cheque provided by the biller and the biller's address.

Visual 2


Modify a biller

    1. Find the biller you wish to modify in the list of billers.

    2. Click on “Modify” in the “Action” column.

    3. Modify the appropriate fields.

We will notify you if there are any postdated payments or payments pending signature.

You will be able to specify whether or not you want the change you are making to be applied to pending payments following the final signature.


Delete a biller

    1. Find the biller you wish to modify in the list of billers.

    2. Click on “Delete” in the “Action” column.

    3. Confirm deletion of the biller. 

Note that billers cannot be deleted if there are any postdated payments or payments pending signature.

Take a look at our pricing chart by clicking on the following link: Fees and service charges.

Payment deadline

    1. Verify the status of your transaction.

    2. Check that you have all authorization levels required and no signatures are pending.

    3. Please note that when making a payment to one of your other billers, a 2- to 3-hour delay may occur between the final signature of a payment and the debit from your bank account. This does not apply to postdated payments. Depending on the bank used by your biller, the delay for receipt of your payment may vary.

When the transaction is carried out, our banking systems will consider the available balance and apply overdraft protection if necessary.

Modifying or deleting a payment

    1. Please note that only payments whose status is “To sign” or “Pending (postdated)” can be modified or deleted.

    2. Click on “Transaction update” or “Transactions pending signature”.

    3. Next, select the “Modify” action for the transaction to be modified.

    4. Please note that a payment whose status is “Pending (postdated)” can be modified or deleted until 11:59 p.m. (EST) the day before the due date.

Viewing multiple payments

When you carry out several payments in the same transaction, your account statement will show a debit for each payment, not a total for all the payments.

Government remittances

When you have questions regarding transactions made through the option “Government remittances - Outside Quebec”, you may call Can‑Act's customer service department at 1‑800‑206‑9444, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST).

Balance of the line of credit

The balance of the line of credit shown is the balance used, not the available balance.


INTERAC e‑Transfer

A simple and secure way to send funds directly to another business from your computer or mobile device. Watch the videos to learn more.

Consent and Terms of use

Send a transfer with autodeposit

Receive a first transfer

To cancel an e‑Transfer

You can only cancel a transaction if the recipient has not yet accepted the funds.


1. To cancel an Interac e‑Transfer, sign in to your online banking and click on “Transaction update” (in the left-hand menu).

2. Click “Cancel” in the “Actions” column on the right. If the recipient has already accepted the funds, this option will be greyed out and unavailable.



Send a reminder

If the recipient has not yet accepted the funds, you can send a reminder.


1. To send a reminder, sign in to online banking and click on “Transaction update” (in the left‑hand menu).

2. Click “Reminder” in the “Actions” column on the right. If the recipient has already cashed the funds, this option will be greyed out and unavailable.


N.B.: This action does not send another transfer. It simply sends a notice to the recipient.




Get quick solutions

Consult our FAQ for answersto the most frequently asked questions.



Need assistance?

Contact us, our Business Central team is here to help

Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

514394-4494 | 18443944494

1 Conditions and fees apply.  For more information, consult the Fee Guide – Banking Services for Businesses.

2 You will need to purchase a scanner at your own expense from a supplier of your choosing or from our supplier Paystation, who can provide you with all the information you need.