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Do you have a 360° view of your company's finances? Create your annual budget using cloud computing. Present your financial forecasts to your partners and investors. 

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Exclusive offer for National Bank clients:

Save 20% on a Budgeto yearly subscription*

Be more efficient, productive, organized and responsive

Automatic configuration

Adjust your settings. Enter the province or state where your business operates and is registered. The software will take local rates and regulations into account.


Create a budget using the forms provided. Budgeto will automatically update your calculations and produce comprehensive financial forecasts over 5 years.

Projections available for a range of scenarios

Once your budget is completed, you can run different assumptions—optimistic, pessimistic and realistic. Adjust scenarios. Then watch how they impact your budget and cash flow in real-time.

Print, export and share documents

You can print professional PDFs, export your budget in Excel with just a click and share it online with partners. It's easy!

Compatible with QuickBooks Online

Do you use QuickBooks accounting software? You don't need to change anything. You can synchronize Budgeto with QuickBooks Online to review and adjust your budget each month.

Benefits of creating a budget for your business

  • Manage your business finances more effectively
  • Ensure your plans are feasible by running various simulations
  • View financial forecasts over a period of up to 5 years
  • Manage cash flow
  • Identify your financing needs.

A resource tailored to your profile

Are you an entrepreneur?

Manage your finances for less with Budgeto and enjoy peace of mind. You'll be in charge of building your budget, planning your cash flow, applying for financing and more.

Are you a mentor, a business advisor, an accountant or an investor?

Discover how Budgeto can save you time and make your life easier.

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Simplify how you manage your finances and join the ranks of thousands of satisfied entrepreneurs.

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Legal Notes

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To be eligible for the Budgeto-BNC offer, the company must pay for a new annual subscription to Budgeto. This cannot not be combined with any other offer. The offer is limited to one use per customer and available for the first year of subscription. For any other questions regarding the use of Budgeto, please refer to our terms and conditions of use.