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Canada Emergency Business Account

Quickly open a business account if you already have a personal account with National Bank

Open an account

Expanded support measures

The government's eligibility criteria for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) have been expanded. Businesses operating with a personal account can now apply. However, according to the new program criteria, you must first open a business account. If you have a personal account with us, you can open a business account quickly.


Details that matter

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Hold a personal account

You must have a personal account with National Bank for your business’s day-to-day transactions.

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Open a business account

You’ll need to open a business account, with the package of your choice. You will have free access to our Internet Banking Solutions for Business.

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Anticipate the deadlines

Complete your account opening application in less than 10 minutes. Allow 5 to 10 business days for your business account to be opened.

How to apply for the emergency loan

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Get a simulation number

Try a simulation on the government of Canada website using the CEBA Pre-Screen tool to ensure you’re eligible for the loan. If so, you’ll then obtain a simulation number.

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Open a business account

Fill out the following account opening form to quickly open a business account. Wait for the account opening confirmation before completing your emergency loan application.

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Submit a loan application

After receiving your account opening confirmation, consult the details for the emergency loan and fill out the application.

Open a business account now

Open an account

Frequently Asked Questions: Open a business account for the emergency loan

What information do I need for my business account application?

  • National Bank personal account number (available at the bottom of one of your cheques)
  • 5-digit transit number from your branch (available at the bottom of one of your cheques)
  • Legal name of your business 

Does my personal account have to remain open?

This is at your discretion. Before you close your personal account, make sure you can complete all your business transactions from your new business account.

What are the fees associated with a business account?

Visit our business banking packages page to see which fees are associated with your package.

Your account will be opened with the basic electronic package that gives you free access to our Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses.

Where can I find the government simulation number required to open a business account?

Visit the government of Canada website to try a simulation for the emergency loan using the Pre-Screen tool. If you’re eligible, you’ll then obtain a simulation number.

Can I still open a business account if I don't have a personal account with National Bank?

Consult our account opening page to learn more about our business accounts or to submit an account opening application.

Little details that matter

Legal disclaimers

The information on this page is current as of October 26, 2020. The federal program and National Bank's eligibility criteria related to this program may change. Consult the government website for details.