Making a Movie or a TV Show

The movie and television industry is an inspiring but often challenging and complex industry, which is why you need a financial partner that shares your passion and boasts recognized expertise in the field. Talk to your account manager.

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Red Carpet services

Founded in 1998, National Bank’s TV and Motion Picture Group relies on an experienced team of more than 40 experts. Most of the managers on the team have worked in the entertainment industry. The Group has financed over 6,000 Canadian and International productions, is the industry leader for Canada and holds 80% of the Quebec market for film and television production.

Our areas of expertise

  • Canadian film, TV and animation production
  • International film, TV and animation production
  • Coproductions
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • R&D credits
  • Visual effects studios
  • Production studios
  • Post-production and subtitling
  • Equipment rentals

Financing your movie, TV show or business

Made-to-measure financing for productions, working capital, equipment and real estate purchases—we know that you need quick access to large sums to complete your project. Our Group offers a wide range of financing solutions adapted to the specific needs of the industry.

Interim financing

Delays in accessing tax credits, grants and licensing payments can have a major impact on your ability to complete your production. We have the financing solutions you need.

Our team of more than 40 entertainment experts have secured financing for over 6,000 film and TV productions in Canada and worldwide.

Managing risk

Our financial market experts are specialized in risk management and can offer you smart, creative solutions. Our Group offers financial instruments to hedge your exposure to fluctuations in interest and exchange rates.

Managing cash flow

Sound cash management is key to the financial health and success of any business. The TV and Motion Picture Group can help you manage surplus cash with investment solutions tailored to your industry.


Spotlight - Businesses

Are you filming outside of Canada, or coproducing an international project?

Our 15 foreign currency accounts will simplify your operations and protect you from foreign exchange risk.

Spotlight - Businesses
Spotlight - Businesses
Spotlight - Businesses
U.S. one-dollar bills - Businesses
U.S. one-dollar bills - Businesses
U.S. one-dollar bills - Businesses
U.S. one-dollar bills - Businesses

Do you need a credit card for purchases in USD?

Discover our U.S. Dollar Mastercard Business Card and see how it could help you with your cross-border transactions.


Filming in Quebec

Are you interested in filming in Quebec? National Bank has a partnership with the Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC).


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