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Given the current situation, processing times are longer than usual. If you have any questions about a trip cancellation claim, contact Canassistance at 1-888-235-2645.

Frequently Asked Questions : Travel insurance

My trip is more than a month away, what should I do?

The government issued two advisories on March 13, 2020: Level 3 Notice - Avoid all non-essential travel and Level 4 Notice - Avoid all travel outside of Canada. If you purchased your trip before the travel advisory and the advisory is still in effect when you are due to leave, you can submit a claim.  
We recommend that you follow the government advisories. If you still decide to leave, you will not be covered for trip interruption or emergency medical treatment. Information about the care, situation, and cost of these coverages can be found in your insurance certificate.  
Consult the COVID-19 notices for your destination on the government's travel advisory webpage.

What does the trip cancellation and interruption insurance cover?

It covers certain expenses related to trip cancellation or interruption that you paid with your credit card, such as unused and non-refundable travel expenses, transportation schedule change fees, or certain living expenses. Information concerning which expenses are covered can be found in your insurance certificate.  
If you have to interrupt, postpone, cancel or extend your trip, you must refer to a list of predetermined reasons. This list includes the Government of Canada's recommendation not to travel to your planned destination. For more information, refer to your Certificate of Insurance > section Trip Cancellation and Interruption > Covered Causes for Cancellation and Interruption: Mastercard PlatinumMastercard WorldMastercard World Elite.

Am I covered under my individual travel insurance if I cancel my trip or cruise because of the coronavirus (COVID-19)?


If you have individual travel insurance with National Bank Life Insurance, call 514-871-7500 or 1-877-871-7500 to find out if you are covered.

How do I make a claim?

Complete the claims form on the CanAssistance website. Be as specific as possible. If you send the completed form by mail, include the supporting documents in the envelope. If you send it by email, include all the relevant information. All this information will help us assess and process your request.

If the Insurer accepts the claim, it will pay, at the latest within 60 days of receipt of all the documents requested by the Insurer. If the request is refused, a notice will be sent within the same period. If you have questions about the response you receive, call CanAssistance at 1-888-235-2645 or 514-286-8345.

If you have individual travel insurance, you can also make a claim with:

If you have insurance under your Mastercard PlatinumMastercard World, or Mastercard World Elite travel credit card, other claims are possible.

To check, contact:

  • Your airline, travel agency or cruise ship company
  • The Consumer Protection Office at 1-888-672-2556 (process to obtain a refund)
  • Indemnity fund, Travel Industry Council of Ontario at 1-888-451-8426
  • Your individual travel insurance
  • Your group travel insurance (check with your employer)

Which documents must I provide to make a claim?

See the full list of documents required to make your claim on the CanAssistance website.

Here are some examples:

  • Original tickets used for travel, invoices, account statements
  • Document proving the planned length of the trip
  • Proof of the non-refundable event cancellation (wholesaler, carrier, online purchase, etc.)
  • Confirmation of the event from the common carrier

If my claim is accepted, how will I receive my reimbursement?

Accepted claims will be paid via cheque.

Frequently Asked Questions: Loan insurance   

How can I submit a claim?

You can submit your claim by email. Consult this page to learn how.

If I contract COVID-19 and have to be away from work, will I be covered by my loan’s disability insurance if I can’t make my payments?

If you’re unable to perform your usual duties at work because of your illness, your disability insurance may be admissible.       

Note that a 60-day waiting period applies at all times, as does the exclusion of pre-existing conditions. For more details, consult your insurance policy.  

If I contract COVID-19, will I be covered by critical illness insurance for my loan?

No, you’re not covered. Critical illness insurance covers you when diagnosed with a critical illness such as stroke, heart attack, or cancer. 

I’m self-employed and had to temporarily close my business due to COVID-19. Am I eligible for disability insurance to cover my loan?

Disability insurance covers a situation where you would be unable to perform your usual duties at work because of illness. In this case, your claim would not be admissible because job loss is not an illness.    

Consult this page for more information on the available measures we’re offering.  

Frequently Asked Questions:  Credit card payment insurance

How can I submit a claim?

You can submit your claim by email. Consult this page to learn how.  

My employer closed its doors due to COVID-19. Am I covered under Involuntary Loss of Employment?

Involuntary Loss of Employment covers unforeseen situations such as “dismissal” or “temporary layoff” by an employer for economic reasons. If you had coverage prior to the events related to COVID-19, then yes, your claim may be admissible.

Note that a 30-day waiting period applies at all times and that there are specific exclusions depending on the situation.   

My employer indicated “dismissal” on my termination form instead of “other” to clarify that it’s related to COVID-19. Am I still covered? 

Yes, if the layoff is related to the COVID-19 situation, your claim should be admissible. You’ll need to specify this point in your claim. If necessary, we will contact your employer to verify certain details.   

If I contract COVID-19 and have to be away from work, will I be covered by disability insurance?

If you’re unable to perform your usual duties at work because of your illness, your claim may be admissible.      

Note that a 30-day waiting period applies at all times, as does the exclusion of pre-existing conditions. For more details, consult your insurance policy. 

I’m self-employed and had to temporarily close my business due to COVID-19.  Am I eligible for disability or job loss insurance that I purchased to protect my credit card? 

Disability insurance covers a situation where you would be unable to perform your usual duties at work because of illness. In this case, your claim would not be admissible because job loss is not an illness.      

Involuntary Loss of Employment insurance has exclusions such as “the job was on your behalf.” Therefore, as a self-employed worker, your claim would not be admissible.  

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