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Frequently asked questions

Has the limit for contactless payment changed?

National Bank credit cards allow contactless payment (Paypass) above $100 at participating merchants.

Has the ABM withdrawal limit changed?

The ABM withdrawal limit for debit and credit cards has been temporarily increased from $1,000 per day to a maximum of $4,000 per week.

Is it possible to stop a pre-authorized payment?

Yes, it is possible to stop a payment. As a support measure during COVID-19, we have temporarily waived the fees associated with this feature. To stop a pre-authorized payment, please sign in to your online bank. If you need help, consult our FAQs and follow the steps.

How do I send an international transfer? Are the fees temporarily waived?

  • Sign in to your  online bank
  • Click Send money in the left menu.
  • Select or add a recipient.
  • Follow the instructions. 

For international transfers via Mastercard® and Interac®, a fee of $5.95 per transaction will apply, no matter which account or package you have. These fees are waived until July 31, 2020. 

How do I check my investment account balance online?

To check your investment account balance at any time, sign in to your online bank and click Overview in the left menu to see all of your accounts, or use the National Bank app.

How do I stop or modify a systematic savings plan to my National Bank Investment account online?

1. Sign in to your online bank.  
2. Click Overview in the left menu, then on the account under National Bank Investments (NBI) for the account details.  
3. Select the Periodic purchases tab.  
4. Click on the “trash can” icon to delete the existing periodic purchase of your choice. Verify the information of the periodic purchase you want to delete.  
5. Enter a phone number and then click Stop purchase.  
If you simply want to reduce the systematic savings plan amount, click the “pencil” icon instead and follow the steps.  


Criminals always try and get away with fraudulent activities during a time of crisis, and the current situation is no exception.

How can I make sure I don’t fall victim to fraud?

Be aware of the increasing number of phishing emails, text messages, false social media news and other fraudulent calls.

Neither National Bank, a public health authority, nor the government will ask for your personal information by email, text message, or with hyperlinks and attachments in emails.

National Bank will never ask for your personal information, sign-in credentials, or account information by email or text message. The Bank will also never insert a link for you to sign in to your online bank directly from an email or text message.

Stay vigilant!

  • Never click a link in an email or text message without thinking, and don’t open attachments without being sure who sent them
  • Never give out your Social Insurance Number, password, or other personal information over the phone, even if the person insists

Here are some hints of a fraudulent email or text message:

  • A clickable link in the text or an attachment
  • A lack of precision in the request
  • An unusual mailing address, i.e. is very long or looks like an official address, but isn’t
  • And spelling mistakes in the text

To protect yourself:  

  • Always download your apps from official websites
  • Always check the reliability of the website you’re visiting

What should I do if I receive a message appearing to come from National Bank?

National Bank will never ask for your personal information, sign-in credentials, or account information by email or text message. The Bank will also never insert a link for you to sign in to your online bank directly from an email or text message.

If you ever receive messages appearing to come from National Bank with these features, do not click on any link in the message as this is a fraud attempt. Immediately forward the email to and proceed to delete it.

The Bank may, however, insert redirection links to our webpages in its communications. For more information, read our Phishing article.

To learn more about the best practices in fraud prevention, visit our ABCs of security.


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®Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Authorized user: National Bank. 

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