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The National Bank's Board of Directors adds two new guidelines to its corporate governance rules for senior officers

Montreal, 23 January 2004 -

The National Bank's Board of Directors announces the addition of two new guidelines to its corporate governance rules for senior officers. These new guidelines, which go beyond regulatory requirements, are intended to bring the interests of management more in line with the Bank's results.

Firstly, the President and Chief Executive Officer as well as officers on the Bank's Executive Committee will now be required to publicly disclose their intention to exercise options at least five business days in advance. As with any other transaction involving Bank securities, options can only be exercised during the trading periods prescribed by the Bank.

Secondly, since 2002, the Bank has asked its officers to maintain minimum holdings of Bank common shares (including deferred stock units for officers, stock appreciation rights and vested stock options), in proportion to their compensation and function. In 2003, the value of the minimum common share holdings was a multiple of the previous three years' average base salary received by a given officer, as set out below:

5.0 for the President and Chief Executive Officer
2.0 for members of the Executive Committee
1.5 for the senior vice-presidents
1.0 for the vice-presidents

These new corporate governance guidelines are in addition to those already in place at the Bank, notably, the condition for exercising options introduced by the Board to further align the interests of the President and Chief Executive Officer as well as officers on the Bank's Executive Committee with those of shareholders, which stipulates that:

The President and Chief Executive Officer and each officer on the Executive Committee must, upon exercising stock options, hold the amount equivalent to the gain, after tax considerations, in the form of common shares of the Bank for a period of one year.

These new corporate governance rules aim at strengthening investor and market confidence in the Bank. All information pertaining to the compensation of members of the Board of Directors and details on the compensation of senior management will soon be available in the Management Proxy Circular.

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