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The National Bank Multi-managed GIC: a one-of-a-kind RRSP solution

Montreal, 25 January 2005 -

National Bank is proud to present the newest member of its family of guaranteed investment certificates, the Multi-managed GIC.  In addition to fully protecting the invested principal, this innovative new product assures investors of a minimum 5% yield at maturity, regardless of market conditions. Moreover, with the Multi-managed GIC, National Bank is introducing a formula for sharing risk and return with the investor, a first in the banking industry.

“The Multi-managed GIC is a one-of-kind solution and a big plus for investors seeking a secure investment with a higher potential return than a conventional GIC,” explained Jean Blouin, Vice-President – Retail Credit and Investment Solutions. “An investor who chooses the Multi-managed GIC is guaranteed a total minimum yield of 5%, even when the market is on the downside. If the managers succeed in achieving a higher return, the yield for the investor will also increase. The potential return is unlimited”*Mr. Blouin explained.

With the Multi-managed GIC, assets are allocated among liquidities, bonds and equities to ensure optimal diversification. Investors also benefit from the advantages of alternative management, a lever normally reserved for institutional investors.

National Bank will top up the total return over five years of the Multi-managed GIC by 5% if the annualized return is less than or equal to 3%. In exchange, National Bank, which shares the risk with the investor, keeps 1/5 of any annualized return in excess of 6% – a negligible amount compared to what National Bank offers if the market declines.

For example, if a Multi-managed GIC generates a total return over 5 years of 15%, or 2.83% on an annualized basis, the return on an investment of $1,000 would be $200, representing the 15% return plus the rate bonus of 5% paid by National Bank when the annualized return is below 3%. Conversely, if the Multi-managed GIC generates a total return over 5 years of 40.26%, or 7% on an annualized basis, the same investment would earn $389.72, representing a return of $402.60 less an amount of $12.88, or 1/5 of the return in excess of 6%, that is kept by National Bank.

The minimum investment for a Multi-managed GIC is $500. This product can only be purchased as part of a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) and is 100% eligible as Canadian content. The Multi-managed GIC can be acquired through National Bank’s branch advisors and is also available via National Bank Personal Internet Banking Solutions ( or TelNat Telephone Banking Solutions (1-888-483-5628).

Investors can obtain additional information about the Multi-managed GIC from National Bank advisors or the Bank’s website at under the heading Personal Services > Investment Solutions > Deposit Products.

* The initial amount invested is 100% guaranteed and repayable at maturity.  The variation in the benchmark index, which corresponds to the variation in the portfolio return, will have a direct impact on the interest payable.  Management fees of 2.9% per year will be deducted each month from the benchmark index. If the total return over 5 years is more than 33.822%, or 6% on an annualized basis, the portion of the return exceeding 33.822% will be reduced by 20%. However, if the total return over 5 years is less than or equal to 15.927%, or 3% on an annualized basis, a 5% bonus will be added to the total return.

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