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National Bank makes its All-In-One simpler and more flexible by adding two new features

Montreal, 7 April 2008 -

National Bank is pleased to announce that it has added two new features to its National Bank All-In-One™ mortgage line of credit: an integrated mortgage loan and the possibility of benefiting from credit insurance tailored specifically to this financing solution.

As a result of these improvements, the National Bank All-In-One™ is more complete and flexible than ever, and better adapted to the growing needs of today’s clients.

National Bank clients now have the opportunity to integrate a mortgage loan into their All-In-One. With this innovation, clients can enjoy the advantages provided by a mortgage loan, while benefiting from the flexibility offered by the All-In-One. In addition, to protect themselves against interest rate fluctuations, clients can set the rate (fixed or variable), in the form of a mortgage, for a portion of their All-In-One. Clients will also be able to access the repaid mortgage principal through their All-In-One.

Our new National Bank All-In-One™ credit insurance is specially designed to offer clients peace of mind. It offers numerous features and advantages, including complete coverage: life, disability and critical illness. National Bank is one of the only financial institutions in Canada to provide all three types of coverage.   Some other advantages of this solution are: 

  • Premiums charged only on the balance used
  • Premiums that are competitive
  • The possibility of insuring a lower amount than the authorized amount
  • An insured amount selected by the client for life and critical illness insurance
  • An insured monthly payment amount selected by the client for disability insurance

The All-In-One is a line of credit that allows clients to integrate bank accounts, short-term savings and borrowings into a single solution. Because of its multi-account concept, National Bank clients can manage their projects independently in separate accounts that are linked to their All-In-One. It is a streamlined solution that lets clients optimally manage their finances, as well as payments for various projects. 

Legal note
For all loans exceeding 80% of the property value, financing is conditional on a mortgage loan insurer (approved by National Bank) agreeing to insure the loan. Certain conditions apply.
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