Complaint Settlement

Who is the National Bank Ombudsman for clients?

Linda Monet is the Ombudsman at National Bank. Over the course of her career, she has held a variety of positions in legal affairs and compliance. Ms. Monet joined National Bank in 2000 and has since held positions related to securities, wealth management and personal banking. Ms. Monet is responsible for finding prompt, fair and impartial solutions to the problems submitted to her.


Role of the National Bank Ombudsman for clients

Operating at a senior level within the Bank, the Ombudsman is assisted by specialists in every sector in order to find solutions. The Ombudsman acts impartially and independently in responding to complaints from clients. A fair and balanced approach is guaranteed. As an influential officer within the National Bank, the Ombudsman also makes recommendations for specific changes that would enable the Bank to meet the needs of its clients and the general public more effectively.


Electronic Ombudsman Department Complaint Form

If you wish to submit comments or make a complaint, please complete the Message to the Ombudsman Department form. Please note that you will have to identify yourself.

Charter of the Office of the National Bank Ombudsman for Clients

Before submitting your complaint, ensure that you are familiar with, and fully understand, the Ombudsman’s role, mandate and mission as well as its commitments and your own, by reading the Charter of the Office of the National Bank Ombudsman for Clients




Our Commitment: Customer Service

National Bank is committed to offering outstanding service to its retail and business-banking clients. Your needs and your relationship with us are very important to us. Your satisfaction is our goal.

If you have a comment, concern or complaint, please do not hesitate to submit it to us. We understand that you may occasionally have difficulties in your relationship with the National Bank and we encourage you to tell us about them. By doing so, you can help us to improve the quality of our service and ensure that we maintain our standard of service at all times.