Diversity groups at Nationale Bank

Capitalizing on diversity: A daily commitment

"The way I see it, diversity isn't just a buzzword. It's a fundamental value that is becoming increasingly important in our interactions, operations and the way we perceive problems and solutions. It's also a competitive strength that enriches our relationships with colleagues, clients and the community. All of us—employees, managers and members of senior management—express diversity every day through our talents, characteristics and different perspectives. Diversity is what makes it possible for each of us to be respected and valued in our career within the Bank. I want it to become an integral part of our culture and for all of us to make promoting it part of our daily mission."

Louis Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer

Our commitment

National Bank is committed to promoting diversity in all of its business units on a daily basis. The goal is to make National Bank an inclusive company that values each of its employees, regardless of age, sex, cultural background, religion, sexual identity or any other personal characteristic.

Our objectives

  • Maintain a workforce that reflects the communities we serve. 
  • Make diversity a driver of growth and development for the Bank. 
  • Get involved in and make a difference in the communities we serve. 
  • Remain a diversity leader. 
  • Act as a role model and share the expertise we have developed over the years with other organizations.

Our initiatives

Every year, National Bank takes several concrete steps to break down barriers and create a healthy, inclusive workplace that is respectful of differences and where the respect and appreciation of others are values that are shared by all employees.

A diversity taskforce

To make this commitment a reality, the Bank created a diversity taskforce made up of members of senior management from each of the organization's business sectors. The aim of the taskforce is to discuss the Bank's diversity-related initiatives and gain a better understanding of the specific needs of each sector.

Diversity in all its forms

We all have something unique about us that sets us apart from the pack. Our organization is richer for these differences. The collaboration of all our employees leads to innovative ideas and solutions to organizational challenges. At National Bank, promoting diversity means more than merely complying with the Employment Equity Act, which targets four specific groups (i.e., women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and Aboriginal peoples). At the Bank, we seek to showcase a wide range of talents and skills, particularly in terms of age groups, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation.

A commitment that extends to the community

The Bank also works to promote diversity beyond its organization and is actively involved in concrete diversity-related initiatives in the communities it serves.