LGBT community

LGBT groups at Nationale Bank

National Bank offers its employees who are members of the LGBT community a welcoming, respectful workplace where each person can affirm their individuality.

Our goal is to team with partners in order to identify and launch initiatives that put us at the forefront when it comes to bringing people together in a proud, inclusive setting.

Our initiatives

IDEO (Inclusion and Destigmatization for Equity regardless of Orientation)

In February 2012, at the request of Bank employees, we launched the IDEO network to represent members of the LGBT community. In addition to its in-house role, IDEO is intended to increase awareness of the Bank’s initiatives among LGBT associations while fostering business development. For more information on IDEO, email

Wide-ranging financial support

Since 2008, National Bank has been the main sponsor of the Gala Arc-en-ciel organised by the Conseil québécois LGBT, which aims to recognise the community involvement of LGBT members.

National Bank has been a national partner of Pride at Work Canada since 2012. In fact, three members of the Bank’s IDEO network are on the organization’s Quebec ambassadors committee. By partnering with Pride at Work Canada, we can show our support for an organization whose mission is to promote a workplace culture that respects the LGBT community. It also gives us the opportunity to share best practices with other organizations and allows our employees all over the country to take part in activities organized by Pride at Work Canada.

In 2014 and 2015, the Bank was the official presenter of the Désorientation Event whose proceeds go to GRIS-Montréal, an organization that fights against homophobia in schools. The event will be presented by the Bank again in 2016.  The volunteers from GRIS reach out to approximately 25,000 students all over Quebec each year. 


National Bank hosted the Fight Against Homophobia Award ceremony

During a ceremony at the Bank's head office in Montreal in May 2016, the Fondation Émergence gave the Laurent McCutcheon Award to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, for his contribution to LGBT rights in Canada and his support of the LGBT community. The Bank is proud to have been the event's official presenter for ten straight years.

Our partners

Fondation Émergence
Chambre de commerce LGBT du Québec
Pride at Work Canada
Gala Arc-en-ciel
Gai Écoute