People living with limitations

National Bank recognizes the reality of people living with functional limitations and is committed to helping them achieve their ambitions as well as meeting their needs.

Our initiatives

Accommodation program taking our employees' needs into account

Our measures to accommodate limitations focus on adjusting the physical layout in workplaces and improving access. Those measures include adapted equipment, modified duties that take the employee's limitations into consideration, and added flexibility concerning absences for medical reasons.

Inclusive recruitment practices: Pool of prequalified candidates

The Bank has created a pool of prequalified candidates who can fill positions in any of its business sectors. When a position becomes available, these candidates are specifically followed up on to maximize their chances in the selection process.

Branch access

In recent years, the Bank has made a commitment to ensuring that all its branches are accessible to persons with a mobility impairment. Today, more than 95% of our branches are accessible.

A limited number of branches are impossible to modify or would be prohibitively expensive to renovate. In those rare cases, the reception desk employee is available to offer personalized service and accompany clients while they are conducting transactions or taking advantage of services at the branch.

Our partners