1 - Eligibility criteria

1.1 What is the difference between a corporate donation, a sponsorship and youth support?

Donation: A financial contribution to a charitable organization registered with the federal government.
Sponsorship: A business relationship where publicity and promotion are provided during an event or activity in exchange for financial support.
Youth support: A contribution provided under the One for Youth program to support local or regional projects that have a direct impact and positive effect on young people aged between 0 and 25. See our One for Youth website for all the details on submitting your project.


1.2 How can I find out if my request meets National Bank’s eligibility criteria?

Consult the eligibility criteria and restrictions for corporate donations or sponsorships or see our One for Youth website for all the details on submitting your project.


1.3 My request is not for one of your priority sectors. Can I request financing anyway?

No. The Bank already receives many requests for donations for our priority sectors. Consequently, we have to prioritize the sectors that correspond the most to our business objectives and values, as well as to the criteria and conditions that apply to financial support provided under the One for Youth program.


1.4 Does National Bank match employee donations to charitable organizations?

No. However, the Bank encourages its employees’ volunteer work through the “Our hearts are with you” program. Only Bank employees may request support for their organization of choice.


1.5 Where can I get information about National Bank’s commitments to the community?

For more information about our commitments to the community, consult our Social Responsability Report.


1.6 Does National Bank support educational projects such as conferences, meetings, lectures or symposiums?

No. For further information, consult the eligibility criteria and restrictions for corporate donations or sponsorships.


1.7 Why are individual projects and activities outside Canada excluded?

National Bank supports organizations in the community and its main market is in the province of Quebec. However, the Bank also serves markets in the rest of Canada. We therefore give priority to projects in the areas where we are active.


2 - Respect for privacy

2.1 Will information I provide to National Bank be kept confidential?

Yes. Any information you provide to us will remain confidential and will only be used by authorized Bank representatives to evaluate your request. However, National Bank cannot guarantee information confidentiality if the documents are sent by e-mail.


3 - Submitting a request

3.1 How do I submit a request for financial support?

In order to streamline the process and accelerate our response time, we have implemented a mandatory online application system for all donation and sponsorship requests.
To complete the application form, click here.


3.2 When can requests be made ?

We accept requests on an ongoing basis for corporate donations and sponsorships. However, all requests for financial support benefitting young people can only be filed using the National Bank online form during the designated period for youth projects (2nd edition: fall 2014, specific dates to be determined). All requests submitted outside this timeframe or using another method will be rejected.


3.3 Why can’t I present my request in person?

Due to the large number of requests that we receive, it is impossible for us to meet with applicants in person or give telephone requests the attention they deserve.
By requiring that all requests be made online, we can ensure that we have all the necessary information to evaluate each one fairly and give it the attention it deserves.
After an initial examination, if the request meets our eligibility criteria and the Bank’s strategic objectives, we will contact you for more information about your organization and request as needed.


3.4 Does it help if my organization already does business with National Bank?

We examine requests fairly and equitably. Our decisions concerning financial contributions must be in keeping with the Bank’s values and objectives as expressed in our policy on donations and sponsorships.


3.5 When will I find out if my request has been accepted?

On receiving your online application, we will send an acknowledgement via e-mail. You should receive a positive or negative response within three months of sending your request. It may take longer if we receive a large number of requests or if your application is incomplete and we need to contact you for more information.


4 - Request status

4.1 Should I call to confirm that you have received my request?

No. We are aware of all requests submitted in writing but due to the large number of requests we receive each day, we cannot phone you to confirm that we have received your request.


4.2 Can I be assured that my request will be given consideration?

Yes. We have adopted a system to ensure that all requests are analyzed and answered as quickly as possible.


4.3 My request corresponds to your priority sectors, so why was it rejected?

Every year, National Bank receives many requests for donations and sponsorships and unfortunately, cannot respond favourably to all of them for the following reasons:

  • Annual budget
  • Business objectives
  • Incomplete match with selection criteria

4.4 Can I make another request if my first one is rejected?

If your organization meets the Bank’s selection criteria, you can re-submit your request every year. Please remember, however, that only one request per organization is allowed each year.


4.5 Can my organization receive several donations or sponsorships over the course of a year?

One organization, including all its chapters and regional subsidiaries, can only receive one contribution from the Bank per year.