Policy on Donations

Policy on Corporate Donations

Our rigorous selection process is governed by our policy on donations which serves as the basis for evaluating the applications we've received. This process was designed to provide the greatest fairness and transparency possible, as well as maximizing community benefits.

Eligibility criteria

For the Bank to consider it, your application must satisfy the following two criteria:

  • come from a non-profit organization;
  • Address National Bank's priority sectors, as described in the donations section.


At National Bank, we sincerely believe that all not-for-profit organizations deserve support. Unfortunately, we cannot accept to fund all the requests we receive, no matter how worthy they are. To structure and standardize our approach, we prefer to focus our philanthropic efforts outside the following spheres of activity:

  • organizations that are not registered under federal law
  • organizations that receive financial support from United Way/Centraide
  • provincial campaigns for organizations that we already support at the national level
  • social clubs
  • political parties, political organizations or interest groups promoting a political ideology
  • lobby and special-interest groups
  • individual projects
  • private foundations
  • private elementary and high schools
  • projects taking place outside Canada
  • annual conferences and meetings
  • audio, video or Web productions

Donations management

We apply these criteria to all eligible requests, and the selection of organizations that receive financial support is based on those criteria. The Bank considers the following elements:

  • nature of the request and financial objective of the campaign;
  • history of donations already made to the requesting organization;
  • value of our commitments in the requesting organization's sector;
  • analysis of comparable donations made in the same sector;
  • commitment of our employees to that cause or organization.

Other types of donations

The majority of National Bank's contributions to organizations may be of a financial nature, but donations can sometimes take another form.

Donations of equipment

From time to time, National Bank is happy to donate furniture and equipment that it is no longer using. 

Responding to urgent needs

In addition to concerted action and our donations program, National Bank's in-branch fund raising efforts have been put to use to relieve urgent humanitarian needs and support on-the-ground operations of the Canadian Red Cross.