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Deposit your cheques whenever you want from the convenience of your office with Digital Deposits using a cheque scanner1.  

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Carry out most of your day-to-day banking from the convenience of your office. Manage your business operations more efficiently with IBS-B.

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Cash inflows

Pre-authorized Payments in CDN$ and US$

With our pre-authorized payment service, you can automatically debit payments from your clients' bank accounts for insurance, rent, subscriptions, public utilities and other services. Ultimately, you benefit from these product features:

  • Collect payments from any personal or commercial account at any financial institution that is a member of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA).
  • Receive the amounts collected directly into your bank account.
  • Obtain management reports via National Bank software.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit cheques in Canadian dollars easily with our Digital Deposits service1. Follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for our Digital Deposits service (conditions and fees apply)1.  
  2. Purchase a compatible scanner2.
  3. Sign in to Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses.
  4. Send your Canadian dollar cheques electronically.


  1. Flexible
    Make same-day deposits whenever and wherever you want3.

  2. Saves you time
    Saves you time: Spend less time at the bank and more time growing your business.

  3. Streamlines processes
    View your deposits, carry out searches and create deposit reports with or without cheque images anytime!

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1 Conditions and fees apply.  For more information, consult the Banking Services for Businesses Fee Guide (PDF).
2 You will need to purchase a scanner at your own expense from a supplier of your choosing or from our supplier Paystation, who can provide you with all the information you need.
3 For deposits made before 9:00 p.m. ET on a business day.

Notice to our Pre-authorized Debit Service Clients

New requirements for pre-authorized debits (PADs) have been published by the CPA. More information on the new requirements, including a copy of Rule H1 is available on the CPA's website at www.cdnpay.ca.

Accelerated Funds Transfers

All deposits made at National Bank branches and other financial institutions are sent to your company's main account. The accelerated funds transfer service helps you quickly consolidate your cash resources and manage your funds.

Receipt of EDI Payments

This service enables you to receive payments from your clients electronically (e-mail or fax), along with an EDI payment advice. If you are not yet using EDI technology, we will receive payment on your behalf and fax the payment advice to you.

Commercial Lock Box

With a commercial lock box, you delegate the handling of deposits received by mail to us. We will empty your lock box daily, which ensures that your cheques are deposited promptly. What's more, you benefit from a vast range of management assistance tools.

Deposit Capture

This service is ideal for centralizing deposits from your branches, subsidiaries or divisions in a single account. You thus have access to all deposits made for your company at all National Bank branches in Canada, and at all National Bank Trust branches in Quebec. To help you with your management, a daily report shows the source of each deposit.

Electronic Payments of Account

National Bank offers you solutions to ensure that your administrative operations run smoothly. These solutions will reduce your operating costs by eliminating tasks associated with processing payments, handling mail, making bank deposits, reconciling accounts receivable and storing paid bills. It's fast and easy!

  • Payments collected by the National Bank
    Multiply your payment options by offering your customers the ability to pay their bills on the Internet, by phone or even through our network of banking machines and branches.
  • Concentrating Agent Service
    No matter which financial institution your clients do business with, they can pay their bills on the Internet, by phone or at an automated banking machine at any financial institution. We receive and centralize payments from various financial institutions.
  • Automated lock box
    Let our automated lock box service handle the cumbersome task of receiving your postal payments. We process the payments on your behalf.


With Epost, you can e-mail your invoices, notices, statements of account and other documents to your clients, who can access your documents 24 hours a day, via their financial institution's website. They can then consult them, make a full or partial payment, carry out a post-dated transaction, or make multiple payments if they want.

Cash outflows

Internet Banking Solutions for Business - Payment, Wire Transfer and Salary Deposit Option

When you choose Internet Banking Solutions for Business, all your transactions are securely integrated on a single site. Whether you want to make payments, wire transfers or salary deposits, one password or a SecurID® passkey gives you quick, easy access to an array of services. The privileges to which you are entitled are flexible and easy to manage. Furthermore, you can communicate transaction information in complete confidentiality.

Payment Option

This option allows you to make payments in Canadian funds, payable to the government, public utilities and your regular suppliers. You can prepare a post-dated payment and request two authorizations to complete a transaction.

Wire Transfer Option

This option allows you to make wire transfers, in any currency, to suppliers around the world. You can manage your list of beneficiaries and set it up so that two authorizations are required for a wire transfer. Before submitting a transaction, you can choose to use the current market exchange rate or a foreign exchange contract that has been reserved in advance.

Salary Deposit Option

This option allows you to make employee salary deposits in Canadian funds, as well as manage your company employee-list and profiles.

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Direct Deposit in CDN$ and US$

With our direct deposit service, you can make immediate electronic payments (salary, pension, bonds, allowances, dividends, interest and other regular and irregular payments) in CDN$ and US$ to your payees' accounts in Canada.

  • Eliminate the printing and mailing of cheques, thereby saving time and money on paper and handling.
  • Increase your company's productivity.
  • Eliminate costs related to cheque reconciliation.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud by increasing the security and reliability of your transactions.
  • Access itemized reports that allow you to monitor all payments made.
  • Import data to your accounting software, eliminating the need to enter data twice.

Cheque Reconciliation

Our Cheque Reconciliation service allows you to streamline your cheque management process and prevent fraud through the reconciliation of cheques. The service includes cheque imaging and is available for both CA$ and US$ accounts.


  • Cashed cheques matched against issued cheques to easily detect discrepancies or fraudulently-cashed cheques.
  • Electronic report compatible with your accounting system sent daily
  • Access to 7 years of cheque images.
  • Free access to Cheque Reconciliation option on Internet Banking Solutions – Businesses (IBS-B), which allows you to view the status of cleared cheques at any time.
  • Cheque transactions can be performed online (cancellations, stop payments and cheque image requests).
  • Images of the front and back of cleared cheques can be viewed online.
  • Access to the last 12 months of transaction history.


Information and cash management

Internet Banking Solutions for Business - Transfer, Account Summary and Foreign Exchange Option

When you choose Internet Banking Solutions for Business, all your transactions are securely integrated on a single site. Whether you want to transfer funds, check your account balance or reserve an exchange rate, one password gives you quick and easy access to an array of services. The privileges to which you are entitled are flexible and easy to manage. Furthermore, you can communicate information about your transactions in complete confidentiality.

Transfer Option

This option allows you to transfer funds between your Canadian, American and foreign-currency accounts. Before submitting a transaction involving two currencies, you can choose to use the current market exchange rate or the foreign exchange contract that has been reserved in advance. You can also set things up so that two authorizations are required for a fund transfer.

Account Summary Option

This option allows you to get the balance and account transaction history in real time for all your commercial Canadian, American and foreign currency accounts, as well as your MasterCard credit cards, your lines of credit, loans and guaranteed investment certificates.

Foreign Exchange Option

This option allows you to obtain and reserve a rate online before buying or selling any currency.

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Electronic Statements

Simplify your record keeping by eliminating paper filing with electronic account statements and cheque image remittance documents. Not only are your financial statements conveniently stored in one secure online location but by reducing your paper waste, you are contributing to our efforts to help keep the planet green. You will also save money with the online version, as paper statements sent by mail are now subject to service fees.

To consult your electronic account statement, log in and select View documents.

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