MasterCard Business card



The essential card
with no annual fee

Manage your business expenses
easily and efficiently



Designed for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs, the MasterCard® Business card meets your specific needs.

Discover the advantages

  • Manage your daily transactions and get a simple, efficient and advantageous payment tool free of charge 
  • Enjoy a promotional rate of 3.9%2 on your balance transfers and cash advances for the first 6 billing periods17 
  • For only $15 per year, get a reduced interest rate1-2
  • Link your MasterCard® Business card to your commercial account to protect your company against overdrafts 
  • Protect yourself against unauthorized purchases thanks to the MasterCard® Zero Liability program5

Already a cardholder?

To add additional cards, increase your account limit or revise the monthly spending limit of your cardholders, etc. 
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   Informations importantes
   Annual fees      No fee  
   Credit card with reduced rate1 fees    $15
   Additional card fees    No fee
   Minimum limit credit1    $1,000
   Interest rate on purchases1    19.99%
   Interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances2-3    22.99%
   Reduced rate on purchases1    13.9%
   Reduced rate on balance transfers and cash advances2-3    8.9%

Insurance programs

   Zero Liability5    Included

Other benefits

   MasterPassTM digital wallet MasterPassTM is a fast and secure online payment method.

  • Storage and encryption of your credit cards and shipping addresses
  • A simplified payment process using your mobile device, tablet or desktop
  • Multi-tiered security to protect your information

Learn more

Agreement Governing the use of the MasterCard credit card issued by National Bank of Canada:

Cardholder Agreement – effective July 12, 2016  [pdf]