MasterCard Corporate card 



A complete payment and
management solution



The National Bank MasterCard® Corporate Card allows you to consolidate all your purchases and expenses in a single program. Simplify your sourcing process, reduce purchase-processing costs, and optimize your business intelligence.3

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  • Card types for each of your business needs. Learn more
  • Get access to powerful management tools. Learn more
  • Choose the card options that meets your needs. Learn more




   Important information
   Annual fees    $35 per card
   Interest rate on purchases    19.15%
   Interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances    9.9%

Card types for each of your business needs

   Purchasing Card
Streamline your company's requisition and purchase order processes with a Purchasing Card. Eliminate the costly process of issuing cheques, customize SDG2 to reflect your company's accounting structure, and automate account and cost centre coding.
   Corporate Card
Efficiently manage your employees' travel expenses by allowing them to complete their expense reports online in SDG2.
   Fleet Card
Keep control and closely monitor expenditures related to your fleet, regardless of supplier! Cards can be assigned to either your drivers or to your vehicles.
   Department Card (with physical card)
Replace petty cash with a solution that allows your company to purchase goods and services by a specified group of individuals. The name of the department appears on the card instead of the individual.
   Department Card (cardless)
Account for which a card number is provided, but no physical card is issued. Assign it to your recurrent or high-volume suppliers, and embed the account number within any of your payment solutions for automated processing.

Get access to powerful management tools


Service offered by National Bank at no additional charge. It allows Corporate Card program coordinators to manage certain administrative functions using a web portal.

The application at a glance

  • Request that cards be issued 
  • Change credit limits 
  • Set up usage parameters and restrictions 
  • Activate cards in batches 
  • Reissue existing cards 
  • Request merchant transaction receipts 
  • Request statement copies  


Application that allows you to produce reports online, and manage and verify your expenses and information, providing you with a consolidated overview of your payment data.

The application at a glance

  • Individual account statements per cardholder 
  • Sales tax information 
  • Enhanced transaction data
  • Customized GL codes based on your corporate structure 
  • Automatic posting to GL accounts 
  • Automated workflow for expense accounts 
  • Data integration with your accounting or ERP system 
  • Wide variety of standard reports and the option to create customized ones

Get access to Level II and III transaction data from select merchants

Capture, view and analyze your company spend through SDG2 with enhanced transaction data. Detailed data can help your company:

  • seek enhanced business intelligence as they relate to your company's purchasing patterns 
  • ensure employee compliance with company purchasing policies 
  • provide leverage to negotiate improved terms to vendor agreements 
  • replace receipts required from employees when completing expense reports 

Merchants providing level II data will transmit actual point-of-sale sales tax information that can be viewed in SDG2.

Merchants providing level III data, in addition to providing sales taxes, also provide line item detail that can include such information as product code, product description, unit costs, quantity, time of purchase, airline folio and hotel folio detail.


Choose the card options that meets your needs

The National Bank MasterCard Corporate Card offers you a range of tools and options that allow you to tailor your card program to your company’s individual needs and constraints.

Usage parameters and controls

Restrictions on card usage can be established using the following parameters:

  • Merchant groupings
  • Merchant category codes
  • Specific merchants
  • Transaction amounts
  • Credit limits (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Number of transactions (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Hours and days of use

Program optimization

Benchmark your card program against other businesses similar to yours. Let us help you build your card program. By sharing with you industry best practices,we can:
  • conduct analyses of your Accounts Payable file
  • size your cardable spend opportunity by identifying card-accepting merchants among your current suppliers.
  • identify card-accepting merchants among your current suppliers
  • conduct supplier enablement campaigns

Travel insurance package

This option is available for an additional annual fee of $19 per card.

The National Bank MasterCard Corporate Card program allows your company and employees who travel for business to take advantage of insurance coverage designed specifically for business travellers.

The complete travel insurance package includes the following coverage, which applies if the travel, purchases or expenses covered were paid for using your card:

  • Vehicle rental insurance
    • Collision damage waiver coverage on most rental cars
    • Up to $300,000 in coverage in case of death or accidental dismemberment in a rental vehicle
    • Up to $1,000 in coverage in case of loss or theft of personal items in a rental vehicle
  • Travel insurance
    • Up to $500,000 in case of death or accidental dismemberment on a common carrier
    • Up to $1,000 in case of lost or delayed luggage
    • Up to $1,000 in case of stolen luggage
    • Up to $1,000 in case of delayed flights
    • Up to $2,000 in case of trip interruption
  • Assistance service
    • General, medical and legal assistance

Other benefits

   MasterPassTM digital wallet MasterPassTM is a fast and secure online payment method.

  • Storage and encryption of your credit cards and shipping addresses
  • A simplified payment process using your mobile device, tablet or desktop
  • Multi-tiered security to protect your information

Learn more

Agreement Governing the use of the MasterCard credit card issued by National Bank of Canada:

Agreement Governing the use of the credit card – as of October 1, 2014  [pdf]