Platinum MasterCard Business card


Redeeming your points for a credit to your account: a relevant reward


As an entrepreneur, you have your own specific needs.

Whether you are a self-employed worker or a small business owner, you’ll enjoy the advantages of the Platinum MasterCard Business Card®.

This practical credit card is designed to meet your day-to-day needs.

Discover the advantages


Save up to 2.5% on gas purchases
at Ultramar gas stations®1-8-9


Earn 1.5 points
for every dollar spent16


Receive a 3.9%23-2 promotional rate on cash advances and balance transfers for the first six months17

Use your credit card wisely

  • Protect your business against overdrafts by linking your Platinum MasterCard® Business Card to your business account.
  • Protect yourself with the Platinum Business personal protection insurance programs offered by Blue Cross®2 (disability insurance, dental care, travel insurance, etc.).
  • Take advantage of the MasterCard® Zero Liability5 program to protect yourself against unauthorized use.

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   Important information
   Annual fees    $125
   Additional card fees      $35  
   Minimum limit credit1      $1,000  
   Interest rate on purchases1      19.99%  
   Interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances2-3      22.99%  

Rewards plan

   Credit card with rewards plan16    Included
   $ in purchases = x points16    $1 in purchases = 1.5 points
   Travel discount points16    The À la carte Rewards Plan gives you the freedom to travel anytime, anywhere. For information on travel discounts, visit

Insurance programs

   Insurance certificate    Consult the insurance certificate
   Zero Liability5    Included
   Purchase protection in case of theft or damage4    180 days following the date of purchase
   Extended warranty4    Triple the manufacturer's warranty, up to 2 additional years
   Out-of-province-of-residence medical/hospital insurance4    Optional with Blue Cross®2 - Up to 20% discount
   Flight delay insurance4    Up to $500 (more than 4 hours)
   Baggage insurance in case of theft or loss4    Up to $1,000 per person
   Baggage insurance in case of delay4    Up to $500 (more than 6 hours)
   Vehicle rental insurance4    Against collision, theft or damage for a period of 48 days or less (theft of personal effects up to $2,000)
   Travel insurance in case of accident aboard public carrier4    Up to $250,000

Other benefits

   Easy Saving Program

The MasterCard Easy Savings Program lets you enjoy automatic rebates on eligible purchases made at participating merchants.

To view the list of participating merchants to this program, visit

   Ultramar Partnership

Save up to 2.5% at Ultramar

Monthly rebates avaible for purchases at Ultramar

  • $0 to $40: 1% rebate
  • $41 to $80: 1.5% rebate
  • $81 and over: 2% rebate

You'll earn an additional rebate of 0.5% applied to your account statement if your annual purchase volume at Ultramar exceeds $2,000!

   Québec Blue Cross®2 Partnership

MasterCard gives you access to a personal insurance program offered by Blue Cross, available to employers, their employees and their families. You can personalize your program by choosing the coverage that corresponds to your needs from these three groups:

  • Accident and illness coverage, including but not limited to:
    • Hospitalization and diagnostic services
    • Disability insurance
  • Additional medical coverage:
    • Dental care, prescription medication, paramedical care
    • Critical illness assistance
  • Annual travel coverage: up to 20% discount on Québec Blue Cross Travel Insurance®2

How to take advantage of the personal insurance program offered by Blue Cross

  • For more information on this offer, call 1-866-444-7737 or 514 286-7737
  • Premiums for the insurance program must be charged to the Platinum Business card.
   MasterPassTM digital wallet MasterPassTM is a fast and secure online payment method.

  • Storage and encryption of your credit cards and shipping addresses
  • A simplified payment process using your mobile device, tablet or desktop
  • Multi-tiered security to protect your information

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Offers are subject to change without notice and are offered by participating partner establishments. Conditions apply. National Bank of Canada is not responsible for granting the discounts or advantages offered by partners.

Agreement Governing the use of the MasterCard credit card issued by National Bank of Canada:

Cardholder Agreement – effective July 12, 2016 [pdf]