Technology Group

Making technology our priority!

The National Bank Technology Group is made up of specialists devoted solely to your field of business. The Group's mission is to provide tailor-made financial services to Quebec's most innovative businesses by using its skilled team of financing1 pros.

The Technology Group's team of specialists is very familiar with the challenges that high-tech industries face, and can help them grow by meeting their specific needs with flexible, personalized solutions.

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Technology Group
600 De La Gauchetière West, Main Floor
Montreal, (Quebec) H3B 4L2

Pat Romanelli
Tel: 514-394-8414

Areas of expertise

  • Information Technology (software)
  • Leading-edge equipment and hardware
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial technology
  • Environmental technology
  • IT Services
  • Media, Web 2.0, etc.

Our products and services1

  • Short-term financing (operating line of credit, tax credit and contract financing)
  • Term financing for marketing and expansion
  • Business acquisition financing
  • Investor buyout financing
  • Factoring
  • International operations (exchange rate hedges, bid bonds, performance bonds, etc.)
  • Cash management

The National Bank advantage

  • Creative, flexible and feasible solutions
  • Understanding market issues and limits
  • Banking expertise
  • Extensive experience in the field
  • A vast network of experts
  • Bringing together client companies


1 Financing is subject to credit approval by National Bank.