Funds Transfers

International and Local Fund Transfers

Our Payments Centre offers unique and practical services for fund transfers to or from a foreign country. Whether you have just one or many payments to make, we offer you personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Thanks to our network of international business contacts and our use of leading-edge technologies, we can complete your transfers with unparalleled efficiency.

Incoming Wire Transfer

Sum of money received in any currency from a Canadian or foreign financial institution, and deposited in your account or transferred to another financial institution.

To receive a wire transfer, you must provide the following information to the payer.

National Bank code 


National Bank SWIFT code
(For international wire transfer)


Branch transit

5 digit code

Branch address (locator)

National Bank of Canada,
street number and name, city,
province, country, postal code,
phone number

National Bank account number

7 digit code (CAD or USD) or
17 digit code (other currencies)

Your name and address


First and last name,
street number, street name,
city, province, country,
postal code, phone number

Outgoing Wire Transfer

Procedure for transferring money quickly and safely in any currency, in Canada or abroad, using SWIFT or telex.

Wire Transfer via Internet

The wire transfer option is one of the features of our Internet Banking Solutions – Businesses, a complete range of online banking services. It allows you to submit instructions for wire transfers anywhere in the world.

If you are not signed up for Internet Banking Solutions for Businesses or for this feature, please contact National Bank Business Central at 1-844 394-4494 (toll-free) or 514-394-4494 to enrol. You can also contact your Account Manager or your Cash Management Manager to sign up.

Intercurrency Multipayments Service

This service allows you to send several funds transfers, within Canada or abroad, in a single electronic file.

You can group all your payment orders (supplier payments, salaries, dividends, etc.), and have them processed simultaneously. Beneficiaries can receive payment by direct deposit, wire transfer or cheque in the mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact National Bank Business Central at 1-844-394-4494 (toll free) or 514-394-4494. You can aIso contact your Account Manager or Cash Management manager.

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