Supply Chain Management Solution

Account Receivable Financing Program

Now offered to SME's

National Bank is proud to offer SMEs an accounts receivable financing program tailored to their needs! Contact the Account Manager in your region for more information on how this financing program can improve your company's cash flow.

A Canadian leader in receivables financing services, National Bank has supported financially sound businesses with rapidly growing international and domestic sales for a number of years.

Our specialists have customizable solutions that will improve your receivables management and liquidity, which in turn will help your business grow.

Improved Cash Flow Through Receivables Financing

Using factoring to finance your accounts receivable allows you to leverage those receivables to obtain more credit and improve your cash flow.

A unique purchasing policy

National Bank will purchase and pay for your receivables within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Up to 100% financing of your invoices
  • Off-balance-sheet financing to improve your cash flow and financial structure
  • Fixed-rate discount financing
  • Financing without recourse against the seller
  • Option to extend your buyers' payment terms for up to 360 days
  • Regular monitoring of your receivables
  • Buyer credit-assessment by National Bank

Advantages to suit your needs

  • More working capital
  • Elimination of non-payment risk and exchange rates
  • No more collection or receivables-recovery headaches
  • Maximize sales opportunities without adding significant risk
  • Favourable impact on financial performance indicators
  • Facilitate negotiations with Canadian and foreign buyers

One solution for various needs

  • Additional liquidity to support your growth or obtain new contracts
  • Reduce your concentration on certain buyers
  • Benefit from supplier discounts
  • Reduce credit risk for certain buyers
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by offering buyers longer payment terms without increasing risk to your firm


Accounts Payable Financing Program

A Canadian leader in payables financing services, National Bank has supported financially sound businesses with rapidly growing international and domestic sales for a number of years.  Our specialists have customizable solutions that will improve the management of your accounts payable.

Get More Credit By Financing Your Payables

The financing of your accounts payable allows you to use them to obtain more credit. Your suppliers are paid by National Bank as per your instructions.

Advantages to suit your needs

  • Financing up to 100% of invoice value
  • Take advantage of prompt payment discounts from your suppliers
  • Get longer payment terms from your suppliers

One solution for a variety of needs

  • Use prompt payment discounts offered by your suppliers without affecting your liquidities
  • Credit limit attained with certain suppliers
  • Reduce your cash gap by obtaining longer payment terms

Three options

Option 1 - Term note financing (Supplier Payment Program)

This program can be used to finance Canadian and foreign accounts-payable.

  • Your supplier can be paid anywhere in the world within 24 to 48 hours
  • Fast and convenient procedures
  • No agreement required between National Bank and your supplier

Option 2 - Financing accounts payable through Factors Chain International (FCI)  

This option can be used to finance foreign accounts payable.

Through our affiliation with the FCI network, which counts 266 financial institutions in over 70 countries, we offer a program that is unique on the market.

  • The supplier is paid directly by an FCI member in their home country.
  • The FCI member is guaranteed full payment by National Bank.
  • Increase your purchasing power with your foreign suppliers.

Option 3 - Financing accounts payable with Canadian suppliers

This option can be used to finance Canadian accounts payable.

  • Program cost can be transferred to suppliers.
  • For an additional fee, suppliers can get immediate payment from National Bank.