Internships and student jobs at National Bank

Making way for tomorrow's leaders : Student jobs and Interships

Today's youth are a key asset for National Bank. We believe that by providing them with the chance to work in a professional and stimulating environment, we will help develop tomorrow's leaders.

We have therefore created several programs to discover new talent between the ages 18 and 30 and allow young people to carve out a place for themselves in our organization.

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Student internships

If you are looking to apply what you've learned in school, gain work experience in your chosen field of interest and develop your skills in a friendly and dynamic workplace, an internship at National Bank is a golden opportunity. Who knows? An internship with us could open the door to the career of your dreams!

Why apply for a student internship at National Bank?

Whether you are a university or college student, an internship at National Bank will foster both your professional and personal development, satisfy your curiosity about the field and confirm your career choice.

At National Bank, you will have the opportunity to excel, gain confidence practising your chosen profession while learning its ins and outs, and much more!

Grow with us

The solidity of our organization, the depth of our expertise and the quality of our services help create a stimulating work environment.  Many of our sectors are looking for talented interns who are ready to grow with us. Here are some of the areas in which you can put your skills to work, develop your expertise and shine:

  • IT
  • Digital marketing
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence
  • Financial engineering
  • Operations
  • Risk management
  • Wealth management
  • Financial markets
  • And many more!

All of our internships are paid and last from 3 to 4 months.

Apply for an intership

  1. Search our job postings page to find out about current internship opportunities. 
  2. If you don't find an internship that matches what you are looking for, please send us your resumé.

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To find out about which departments need interns, visit the job postings page.


Summer jobs

All summer jobs are posted in our Careers section between March and June. Stay informed of opportunities by creating your applicant profile and activating the job alerts for summer jobs. 

Apply for an student job

  • Be least 17 years old
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Be a full-time student or registered for the following fall in a university or college program
  • Maintain a strong academic performance
  • Be enrolled in a university or college program
  • Be enrolled in a program corresponding to the internship for which you have applied
  • Hold a Canadian work permit

Jobs for recent graduates

Are you a soon-to-be or recent graduate and wondering about job opportunities at National Bank?

Here are a few examples of job postings requiring a minimum amount of work experience, which could be a great way to get your foot in the door at National Bank. We encourage you to browse our current job postings.


Share our values

National Bank has long been committed to promoting diversity through a range of initiatives and projects, as well as by creating a diversity task force. This commitment also extends to our search for talent and expertise among potential interns across all age groups, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Along the same lines, helping youth in the academic, personal and professional spheres, such as through our support of Tel-Jeunes, our bursaries and our charitable programs, remains a top priority for the Bank. That is why we are always on the lookout for new talent between the ages of 18 and 30.