Want to apply what you have learned in school, acquire work experience in your field of interest and develop your skills in a stimulating and welcoming environment? Apply for an internship at National Bank!

What Does An Internship at National Bank Involve?

The internship lasts about three to four months, and is compensated according to previously established standards. National Bank internships provide you with the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge and acquire hands-on experience. Whether you are a university or college student, National Bank internships foster both your professional and personal development, satisfy your curiosity about the field and confirm your career choice. At National Bank, you will have the opportunity to grow, gain confidence in practising your profession while learning its ins and outs—the actual issues and challenges awaiting you—and much more!

Several National Bank sectors offer internships: IT, Risk Management, Finance and Treasury sector, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, Wealth Management, Insurance, Administrative Support, etc.

Internship Process

  • First you must satisfy the following selection criteria:
    • a. Be registered in a university or college program
    • b. Be registered in a program that is related to the internship for which you are applying
    • c. Follow the selection process steps
  • You must apply online through our job posting.
  • Recruiters will be pre-screening and forwarding applications to the manager for final approval. If you have been selected, we will contact you, conduct a pre-screening phone interview and ask you to come in for a formal interview with the manager.
  • Once hired, your colleagues will guide you and your internship manager—acting as your resource person—will have the primary responsibility of guiding and advising you. Your internship manager will also evaluate you in the middle and towards the end of your internship.