Contributing to my RRSP: Step 1 of 4

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Guaranteed-return GIC


  • principal and return are fully guaranteed
  • interest rates are fixed for the entire term
  • the final return is known in advance.


  • Interests are compounded annually on the anniversary date and payable at maturity
  • At maturity, unless otherwise notified by the annuitant, the GICs are renewed automatically for a term equivalent to the initial term, at the interest rate in effect at that time. (Exception : For Escalarater GICs, the GIC will be reinvested for a term of one year, not redeemable before maturity, at the interest rate in effect at that time). The annuitant has 10 business days following the date of issuance of the renewed deposit type instrument to cancel it.

Additionnal information:

  • To know the charges related to a RRSP, please consult our brochure to this purpose, being: Fees - Your Guide to Personal Banking Solutions, section "Registered Plans".
  • To know our process of notification of charge increases or the introduction of new fees, please consult our brochure to this purpose, being  General Information and Agreement, section "Notice of Changes to Fees Listed in Your Guide to Personal Banking Solutions".
  • To know our process in dealing with complaints relating to the processing of charges for a RRSP product, click here.

Extra GIC

3-year Redeemable Plus GIC

Non-redeemable Escalarater GIC (5 years)

Non-redeemable Escalarater GIC (3 years)

Evoluterm GIC (5 years)

Non-redeemable GIC

Evoluterm GIC (3 years)

TermNote Plus GIC

Unconventional term GIC

Flexiterm GIC