Fraudulent e-mails: Don't click!

If you ever receive an e-mail that appears to be sent from National Bank or Mastercard prompting you for personal information, protect yourself by not answering and by not clicking on hyperlinks. Whether the message implies a sense of urgency or is about special offers and prices you should never click on any hyperlinks or copy and paste them into your browser. Do not, under any circumstances, provide the information requested.

Also remember that simply clicking on hyperlinks provided in theses fraudulent e-mails, may allow malicious software to be installed on your computer without your knowledge of it.

National Bank or Mastercard never ask clients to update their contact or banking information by e-mail. If you have any suspicions, call us at 1-888-4-TELNAT or 514-394-5555, options 5, 4, 2, 2.

Be sure to secure your personal computer by installing appropriate virus-protection software, particularly anti-virus and anti-spyware software and a firewall so you can surf the net with peace of mind.

For more information on Internet security and protecting your identity, refer to our section entitled Your responsibility as a user.

E-mail Fraud Examples:

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