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Have a project in mind?

Natbank's solutions make it so much easier to obtain financing in the US! We will be sure to respond quickly to your financing requests and help you choose the solution best suited to your needs.

Mortgage Loan

A mortgage loan from Natbank is exactly what you need to purchase your dream home in Florida.


- Terms of 1,3 and 5 years
- Maximum amortization period of 30 years
- Variable-rate mortgage

Personal Instalment Loan

A personal instalment loan from Natbank is ideal for financing the purchase of a car, saving for a vacation, and other specific needs.


- Fixed interest rates
- Wide range of terms
- Monthly fixed payments 

Personal Line of Credit

A flexible source of financing that is available at any time, a Natbank personal line of credit enables you to take advantage of opportunities as they come up, quickly pay unexpected expenses, carry out projects or make payments when you are temporarily short on cash.


- Highly attractive variable rates
- Repayment plan tailored to your schedule (minimum payment required)

Home Equity Line of Credit

Have you accumulated equity on your home? Are you looking to renovate or take advantage of investment opportunities? With a home equity line of credit, you can use the increasing value of your property to carry out the projects that are important to you.


- Attractive interest rates
- Easy access to your funds through your checking account without having to complete a form every time you need cash


For daily rates, speak with one of our advisors in branch.

This welcome offer is available to new Natbank customers only. It can be modified or interrupted at any time and without prior notice.

Get in touch with a financial advisor for further information on applicable fees and terms. Account monthly maintenance fees vary depending on the type of account and a minimum daily balance is required to waive monthly maintenance fees. See your advisor for details on accounts offered.

* Bonus: Open a new Natbank account, which is subject to approval; a minimum deposit of $100 is required at account opening. A $150 cash bonus will be deposited in the new customer’s bank account with an automatic deposit 90 days after the first deposit is active.

** An additional $150 cash bonus will be allocated if the new customer opens, in addition to the checking account, a 1-year minimum certificate of deposit for a minimum amount of $25,000. This additional cash bonus will be paid at maturity.