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Chequing Account with No Package

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General summary (Included in the package)

  Chequing account
With no package
This solution... Is appropriate if you make very few transactions per month.
Number of transactions included N/A
Fixed monthly fees Fees
charged per use


Electronic Banking Solutions


By Internet or telephone

With no package


Transfer or Internet transfer to other people $1.00
Interac1 e-Transfer $1.00
Service for sending Interac1 e-Transfer $1.00
Bill payment $1.00
Automated Services
Client Card purchase $1.00
ABM Withdrawal and transfer $1.00
List of ABM transactions Each:

Flat fee:
ABM Bill payment service $1.00/


Cheque and pre-authorized debit
Cheque $1.00

Counter transactions

Counter services

With no package


Withdrawal transfer or withdrawal for bill payment $1.25
Bill payment service $2.00

Other services

Chequing services
Personal cheque order Based on supplier's rate in effect
Certified cheque By account holder:

By third parties and payees: $20.00
American Express4 Travellers Cheques
(excluding American Express4 Travellers for two)
1 % of total value.
Min. $4.502
Return of cashed cheques (no charge if no cheques are cashed) Additional cheque:

(includes 12 cheques)
Account handling
Online statement
Paper statement $2.00/month
No charge if average monthly balance is $2,500 or more.
Passbook $2.25/month.
No charge if monthly balance is $2,500 or more.
Various services

With no package


Automatic transfer carried out with your authorization by National Bank, at a specific date $1.50
Overdraft protection $5.00/day
Foreign currency drafts or money orders $5,000 and under:

Over $5,000:
Canadian dollars draft $7.50
Canadian dollars money draft $7.50
$5.00 discount on annual safety deposit box charges No
$0.50 discount on withdrawals via the Interac1 network No
Intergrated lines of credit6 No

Included in the package

1 Also available with Personal Flex Line4 of credit accounts.
2 User fees for the Interac1 and CIRRUS3 ABM network are extra. No additional fees apply for use of THE EXCHANGE5 ABM network.
3 American Express2 Travellers Cheques for two: 1/2 of 1% in US$ in addition of commission.
4 Applicable charges for US$ drafts and money orders are in US$.
5 Minimum 12-month rental in Canada. Certain conditions apply concerning eligibility for safety deposit box rental.
6 Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. This package does not waive interest charges. The applicable interest rate is prime + 7%. Interest rate is subject to change.
1 Registered trademark of Interac Inc.
2 Registered trademark of American Express Company US. AUT Copyright; American Express Canada Inc. 1992 ss-010-E.
3 Registered trademark of CIRRUS SYSTEMS Inc.
4 Virtuoso, Personal Flex Line and OVATION Gold are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.
5 Registered trademark of Fiserv Inc.

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