Line of Credit

When you're temporarily low on cash and you're faced with either an unforeseen expense or an opportunity that's too good to pass up, or you need money for a special project or to make a payment, then you want the flexibility of a Flex Line...financing that's ready whenever you are.

National Bank All-In-One

A financing solution that lets you use your home equity or the value of your investments to consolidate all your financing needs, while keeping your funds accessible at all times. And, if you deposit your salary directly to your account, you immediately pay down the interest.


Virtuoso Line Of Credit®4

The Virtuoso®4 Line of Credit puts $500 to $5,000 at your disposal so you always have enough to make ends meet, to pay unexpected expenses or take the trip you're dreaming of. It also protects you against account overdrafts.


Personal Flex Line Of Credit®4

Renovate your home, make a major purchase, contribute to your RRSP or make an investment. The Personal Flex Line®4 is available in amounts starting from $5,000 and you'll appreciate the newfound freedom it gives you to go ahead with your plans.


Superior Flex Line

The Superior Flex Line is no longer offered, but remains active for existing Superior Flex Line holders.

Clients who have built up equity in their homes get superior control over their finances through access to a $25,000 at a preferred rate.


Home Improvement Line Of Credit

Do you own a property with fewer than four residential units? Want to carry out major renovations? The Home Improvement Line of Credit gives you the financial flexibility you need to renovate to your heart's content.



®4 Virtuoso and Personal Flex Line are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.