New bank account welcome offer



Save on your
banking transactions
for a year!

Become a National Bank client today and save money

Do you want to enjoy day-to-day savings as a National Bank client? Take advantage of our Welcome Offer1 and save on your banking transactions in your first year.

You can save up to $299.40 the first year2 on monthly service fees for transactions included in an eligible banking package or program listed below.

You want to... Banking package
or program
Monthly service fees related to included transactions Savings for the first year
Carry out a moderate number of electronic transactions3 Direct Access package $8.25 $99.00
Enjoy unlimited use of electronic transactions3 AccessPlus package $14.25 $171.00
ClickStudentTM1 program $2.75 $33.00
Carry out as many branch counter and electronic transactions3 as you want VirtuosoTM1 package $24.95 $299.40
Enjoy beneficial pricing including for branch counter and electronic transactions3 if you are 60 or older Perspective program $3.95 $47.40

How can I take advantage of the Welcome Offer?

When you open an account with an eligible National Bank package or program, you must:

  • Sign up for salary deposit and/or a minimum of two preauthorized payments4 and
  • Sign up for another National Bank product4.


1 The Welcome Offer is intended exclusively for non-clients of National Bank who sign up for at least one eligible banking package or program: Direct Access, AccessPlus, Virtuoso®1, ClickStudent®1 and Perspective. The benefits and discounts offered as part of this Welcome Offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other National Bank program, promotional offer or benefit and are not retroactive. This offer may be withdrawn in whole or in part at any time without notice. Lines of credit incorporated into certain eligible accounts or packages are granted subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. Complete details concerning eligibility conditions are available at our branches.

2 The fee exemption period begins once the bank account is opened. After the fee exemption period ends, the fees in effect will apply. The $299.40 in savings corresponds to the monthly fees for transactions included in the Virtuoso package being waived for 12 months ($24.95 x 12 months). Savings could be less if another banking package or program is chosen. Complete details on the monthly service fees for our banking packages and programs are available at our branches or at

3. Electronic transactions include Internet Banking Solutions, Telephone Banking Solutions (TelNat), automated banking machine transactions and Client Card purchases.

4 Certain conditions apply. Complete details are available at our branches. You are responsible for paying any fees related to closing a bank account at another financial institution.

TM1 Virtuoso and ClickStudent are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

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