Notice to clients

At National Bank, helping you choose solutions geared to your needs and keeping you informed of any changes to the services we offer is a priority.

On May 4, 2015, changes to our banking fees will come into effect.

Here are a few tips to help you save in preparation for these changes. Making small changes to your habits can sometimes make a big difference.

Tips to save on banking fees

a) Opt for online statements: environmentally friendly and free of charge.

b) Choose the banking package that best meets your needs: to select the right package for you, it is important to estimate how many electronic and automated banking transactions (ABM, Internet, phone, Client Card purchases) and banking transactions you do at a branch every month.

c) Integrate a bank account to your National Bank All-In-One BankingTM: you will then be able to enjoy an unlimited number of electronic transactions and reduced banking fees*.

d) Take advantage of our expertise: there are many benefits to using the services of our advisors. They will be able to guide you toward a solution suited to your needs while helping you meet your goals.

Reminder of the announced changes - effective May 4, 2015

Service Charges Current fee New fee
Flat-Fee Banking Packages
Direct Access (two additional electronic transactions free of charge) $6.25/month $8.25/month
AccessPlus $12.25/month $14.25/month
Virtuoso® $22.95/month $24.95/month
Account Hangling1
Paper statement $2.00/month/account $2.50/month/account

Paper statement sent by mail for certain financial packages

Please take note that, effective May 4, 2015, the fee for paper statements will change to $2.50/month for the following financial packages: Healthcare Professionals, Health Sciences Specialists, Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses, Engineers, Notaries, Accountants CPA (CA, CGA or CMA), The Financier, HEC Network, Banking Offer for Newcomers, Made-to-Measure Financial Package, Student and Young Professional Package, National Bank Financial Made-to-Measure Financier.

Free $2.50/month/account
Passbook $2.25/month/account $2.50/month/account
  UniFee+® Package Free $2.50/month/account

Passbook for certain financial packages.

Please note that, effective May 4, 2015, the passbook fee will change to $2.50/month for the following financial packages: Engineers, Student and Young Professional Package, Banking Offer for Newcomers.

Free $2.50/month/account
Registered Plans
Transfer to another financial institution
  Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) $50.00/certificate $100.00/transfer2
  Progress or variable-rate account $50.00/transfer $100.00/transfer
  Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) $50.00/transfer $100.00/transfer
Partial or total withdrawal
  Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) $50.00/certificate  $100.00/withdrawal3
  Progress or variable-rate account $50.00/withdrawal $100.00/withdrawal
Other Fees
Cheque images
  Access to images of cheques cleared in your account through our Internet Banking Solutions $1.50/cheque Free
Replacement of Certain Fees Fixed fee for transactions4
(new fee)
Margin Account National Bank All-In-One BankingTM
  Fees for regrouped accounts, for the main account and any additional account are abolished and replaced by the following flat monthly transaction fee:
  Main account $6.00/month
  Additional account(s) $6.00/account/month

We offer a variety of solutions that you can rely on to meet your transaction needs effectively.

If you would like to review how your transaction needs are being met and benefit from additional advice, you have three ways:


1 Account handling using a passbook will no longer be available as of May 4, 2015, unless you currently have this service as part of an account that is already open.

2 A transfer may apply to one or many certificates maturing at the same date.

3 A withdrawal may apply to one or many certificates.

4 This fee makes it possible to carry out additional transactions free of charge.

TM National Bank All-In-One Banking is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.

® Virtuoso and UniFee+ are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.