Bank card and electronic access device security

  • Make sure your Electronic Access Device uses official authorized applications from reputable providers. Also, be sure the operating system is legitimate and unaltered.
  • When using our Electronic Banking Solutions, you must secure your Electronic Access Device by installing the appropriate protection software and keeping it up to date. This includes installing antivirus and antispyware programs as well as firewall protection so you can carry out online transactions with complete peace of mind. You must take any and all corrective action recommended by your operating system provider;
  • Protect your Card and Electronic Access Device at all times: never lend them to anyone or leave them unattended. Get into the habit of locking your Electronic Access Device.

Password security

  • Your Password, Access Card Number, Personal Identification Questions and the answers to your secret questions constitute your electronic signature. They serve to confirm your consent for electronic transactions or electronically transmitted communications or instructions. Do not store or reveal this information;
  • Memorize your Password, never use the same Password for more than one Card or Service, and change your Password regularly;
  • Never use a Password based on your personal information (name, address, telephone number, Social Insurance Number or date of birth). It would be too easy to guess;
  • When you use your Card or Electronic Access Device, block the keypad with your hand or body as you type in your Password. Never be afraid to appear overly cautious.
  • Perform your transactions only if you feel thoroughly comfortable. Ask people standing too close to you to step back to ensure your Password remains private. If you believe someone might have seen you enter your Password, change it immediately.

Best practices

  • Log out of your session and quit your browser after each time you use our Electronic Banking Solutions to prevent others from accessing your information;
  • Clear your cache regularly;
  • Beware of e-mails that appear to be sent by National Bank or MasterCard prompting you for personal information. Do not click on any hyperlinks and do not under any circumstances reply to the email sender with the personal information asked for;
  • Simply clicking on hyperlinks provided in these fraudulent e-mails can trigger the installation of malicious software without your knowledge that could compromise the security of your Electronic Access Device.
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